Prediction came about 3 weeks later

SP:SPX   Chỉ báo S&P 500
The model published previously predicted the next low around Jan 20th.. the complacency of the market, the constant euphoria and the absence of volatility fooled me too. While I was not 100% vested I too was much into the index (I trade UPRO             ) but as the chart shows we got our low- two-three weeks later!!! Moral of the story? wait -wait-wait patience is a virtue!!.. The next low then is expected around middle of June.. let see.. For now I am waiting for the reversal of things with a stop above the last days high....The problem most of us face is the fact that once you sell you have to wait so many days to buy the stock back and if it reverses fast you just miss the opportunity. Unless of course you trade with an account comfortably above $25,000. So one way around that is to trade equal amounts in 1/3 each -. The bastards that designed these 401 ks and IRAs etc will have waiting until you are 60 years old to trade freely as you wish...lets see what happens Monday...good luck to your emotions as these are the harder ones to control in trading...
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