SPY Elliott Wave Count and Forecast

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We are currently in an Elliott Wave 5. I'm projecting this wave to last into 2018, at which point I think the corrective A wave will begin.The entire pattern will probably end by 2021. The forecasted lines are based solely on typical wave angles and lengths. This forecast in no way guarantees any of this will happen, just that I think it has a decent probability of playing out in this manner.
Bình luận: 1 year and 1 month later:

Looking pretty good! Wave 5 is currently extended above the upper trendline, but is showing signs of consolidation. If wave A starts in the coming days/weeks, the timing was spot on for the top of Wave 5, though the price projection was slightly underestimated. It's not too surprising to see this extension above the trendline, though, as Wave 5 often times shows overconfidence. This is typical when many are saying "it's different this time" and "things are better now so there's no way we'll see X happen again".

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