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the U.S Market enters into Correction?!

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Well, since President Trump got elected, the U.S market went up so high for a long time. Almost every single one of my portfolio doubled.. MS , AMZN ... all those huge market cap stocks...got doubled.. I was a little bit concerned about bubble as well but because the market growth was supported by strong earnings and even our media was celebrating how good we are, I was like.. 'well okay it's been doing great and it will continue to grow then..'
But, believe or not because of BTC and all the cryptocurrency market's huge slide, I re-think my point of view and the u.s stock market could go down...Still it wasn't easy to liquidate my stock portfolio because I picked and bought them for long-term... so I just rebalanced mine a little bit.

Okay, so basically this is 1 month S&P chart above there and it has pretty much solid upward trending channel and we were hanging at the roof there. It's not a big surprise if we look at that chart but still the way that market reacts compared to previous bull-run was pretty impressive..I mean in a bad way... is it mainly because (At first) Volatility was so high? hm...I don't know I still see huge growth in the U.S stock market but for now I'll step back and will try to buy some more of it...of course must be lower than what I've sold already so that we can maximize it! Maybe March or April would be good enough to see the charging bull again?! Hopefully! I'll still stick with the companies that can make money very well....
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