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TRX/BTC Long position, potential for 100% gain over next week

A descending wedge being broken is a sign of a trend reversal imminent from a bearish to bullish market. Sideways movement is also highly indicative of this. Expect the price to climb back to the previous high before a quick sell off sometime in the next few days to week. The sell off will likely establish a new support line at a higher floor than we have seen thus far.

Note that the predicted price rise I have shown is based on the bottom of the *wedge* which means that if we maintain the baseline price we have presently and breakout from there, the price could be more near 2200 SAT before the sell off. Set sell points between 1900 and 2300 SAT.
Bình luận: Starting now it looks like!
Bình luận: Nope, was a false breakout, looks like we just get to buy even more at a sale price xD
Do you still think that Trx will reach to 2k sato range when the current situation of the market is considered ?
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TacoHorsen onurkeretli
@onurkeretli, I mean it definitely will hit a new ATH eventually, but yea considering the market pull back in the 24 hrs since I posted this, I think we may be waiting quite longer than a week.
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onurkeretli TacoHorsen
@TacoHorsen, thank you for your ideas and analysis :)
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