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#TRX #TRON Approaching Ichimoku Breakout Position

BINANCE:TRXUSD   TRON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Decided to buy into Tron again today as I just felt it was a good time to buy. Now charting it. Totally a gut feeling and emotional trade, completely against what I've learned, but oh well. :-)

Anyway, chart shows we've had a major ichimoku resistance cloud looming over us for months since the ATH around $0.28. I just bought in at $0.037.

This cloud is thinning at the bottom and has actually changed to green for a moment. We may have the opportunity to push through the bottom of the resistance cloud, get above it and be ready to be pushed up by the new support cloud formation in the coming days/weeks.

Alternately, we may be pushed down below the bottom of the resistance cloud (to about $0.030 USD), but may have the opportunity to push back up through shortly after that.

If we can get above the Ichimoku cloud , then it's likely and I'm hopeful that rallies will begin again and this may mark the end of our current long and painful consolidation period. Bitcoin and others may follow or lead, but TRX just traded more volume than ETH and has taken the #2 spot on volume , so this is what triggered my buy.

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Time to stay away from Tron buddy. It is likely to fall lower with BTC over the weekend.

Buy when around or lower than $0.029.
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Tin.Foil doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, I agree, we're approaching the bottom of the ichimoku resistance cloud, inverse shoulder, so we'll be pushed down a bit over the next couple days, but then back up and through. So buy now or wait a couple days and buy at a discount, then maybe sell in a week or in November. :-)
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Thanks :)
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