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VRC +41% target 0.00006686 BTC

BITTREX:VRCBTC   VeriCoin / Bitcoin
Been sideways forever and now that all markets are down, it's time for the sleepers to wake.
Bình luận: Well, that went better than predicted.
Bình luận: New Target 0.000296 BTC

Bình luận: Here is an explanation of what I see when I'm drawing charts.

I try to point some of these items out, but I don't always provide a full explanation as it's time consuming and I try to do as many charts as possible to find the best coins to give the greatest returns in the shortest amount of time.

Some coins show long-term consistent growth (like Siacoin SC) and those coins I use for diversity to weather the storm when other coins take losses or when markets turn.

Building a strong portfolio is not just about buying and holding one coin, but having a reasonable spread to manage the amount of risk you are taking on. For instance, I'll find something that will give me 50% gains per week (SC) and then I know I can risk up to 50% of whatever I put into that coin on higher risk coins that may give me 300-1000% per week in gains. Those higher risk coins may also lose 100% of what I risk, so never risk it all and never put all your coins in one basket.

Bình luận: Holy wow! I look away for a few minutes and the chart is off the screen.

I'm already up 200% in the last 8 hours.

Bình luận: This one did a slight double top, so risk level is increasing. If we can try to break through that double top, then this may continue to the target I show.

It also dropped very fast, so this is a 5 minute chart and my projected flag (not confirmed yet, only on 1m charts.

We're near the 61% fib retracement already, so we're at a good place to buy, IF you think we'll continue upward. I'm uncertain, so I may wait a little bit to see if we bounce off the 61% fib and start to move upward at a good pace.

I'm currently out of this trade (made around 200% in the last 8 hours), but will jump back in if the bounce is good. Watching closely. Another 100% would be really nice, but I'm not counting on it yet.

Bình luận: This is looking pretty good.. still out, but watching for a nice solid upward break.
Bình luận: flattening out.. almost time to buy.. give us a big green candle or 5 of them.

Bình luận: more sell off.. this one may be done for a few hours.

Bình luận: It's still struggling here.. give it some time.. wait for it. I'll go update my ETH chart in the mean time.

Bình luận: Hint.. when we enter into the side of an Ichimoku cloud (the green one), there is a high likelihood we will come out the top (not usually sideways, we'll move upward like the arrow shows).

Bình luận: And a solid drive upward.. I'd almost call this a re-entry point. If you have a stop-loss option, then you could buy and HODL here. I'll wait another 5-15 minutes to confirm this will move upward again. Then keep a close eye until we break the all time high, then moon.

Bình luận: I need a few more green 15m candles. I'll wait 45 minutes to an hour before I decide if this is a buy. Time for a power nap (famous last words).

Bình luận: This one never came back up.. moving on. BCC update next.
any update vrc coin ?
Phản hồi
any update vrc coin ?
Phản hồi
do u have an update ?
+1 Phản hồi
trade volume gone from 1500 down to less that 500...
Phản hồi
whats your view over next couple days as just gone flat line to me, like it has over last few months... i hope there's movement over coming week!
Phản hồi
@Tin.Foil What are your thoughts about the next view days?
+1 Phản hồi
@Tin.Foil it looks like it's on the rise again!
Phản hồi
Jamiemoss100 ThaCryptoDon2017
@ThaCryptoDon2017, i hope so as i only saw this after it dropped so im holding until rise
Phản hồi
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