Counterparty Position Ideas

POLONIEX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
This is a follow up in response to a comment from a viewer, I've added on a few possible targets that you could use to manage this trade. I recommend that you split up the body of your holdings into different trade ideas with different expectations and time targets, so this is why I have given a range of possibilities. Having 3 separate positions in 1 position allows you to capture the POTENTIAL for gains over multiple timeframes AND to actually close out those profits while you have them but not lose all of the POTENTIAL to have the position continue to grow in value. You want some level of consistent exposure to have the best opportunity to get the most gains. Another great way to invest in Counterparty is simply to invest in Foldingcoin, which uses network hardware to study cancer and rewards the network providers (Full Disclosure: I do not own FLDC because I made 1000% on it so I sold it XP). I believe that profits taken on FLDC by the development team will be used to reinvest into XCP             or that the price of XCP             will become inflated regardless. Right now, Counterparty is experiencing a whale's shakeout, with naive underwater positions getting destroyed, but it's a great opportunity to buy, HOLD, and then watch like the eye of sauron, always watching.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Quick Update, XCP taking off from the depths of the staunch resistance, if you took this trade at or around the articulated level youre about 35% in profit right now, say a prayer and give thanks to the Sunday London session and lop off a few profits, lol, just in case! It might dip down again but don't count on it for long, so be ready to redeploy or just kick back and wait for signs of the fat pop. Happy Hunting.
Any update?
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Piptocurrency cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, looking very ugly right now, but my advice will be to hold it, keep buying small chunks. It will always go the other way. nobody knows the timing, it could be 1-2 years, but I think it will pop sooner than that. Market Cap is currently $22,000,000, foldingcoin, which is based on XCP, is relatively stable, retaining some of the gains it has made. If you were watching this trade since i posted it, there have been several chances to take 20-30% profit. Now it's in an ugly time, so I say hold it, buy some if you can, otherwise just wait. Thanks for your comment!
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cryptoniac90 Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, any update? targets pls?
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Piptocurrency cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, still a bit ugly but my personal opinion is that this is a nice buy time if you have funds. If you have nothing, my suggestion is to wait, but its up to you and your goals and your account, I'm just saying what I would do. Buy the dips, wait for the pump. target at least 100-200% profit on your money, I think it will go much more, I cannot tell you what is good for your situation! But I suggest you be patient if you can afford it. When in doubt: wait, watch, and listen. Thanks for comment!
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Piptocurrency cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, see a nice little pop there since you asked the question, up 20%+ in a few days. keep the faith, hold steady the line. Patience will reward us!
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cryptoniac90 Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, Next target?
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cryptoniac90 cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, you point at 0.03? At what timeframe?
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cryptoniac90 Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, you point at 0.03? At what timeframe?
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