XLM preparing for major uptake?

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In this pre-bed time post I have tried to keep it simple:

--> The MACD is showing a bullish reversal is pending, looks like it’s going to a strong golden cross.
--> The CCI shows “oversold-ness” and is edging upward
--> The graph itself shows that the Fibonacci 61,8 is already a strong support, together with the underlying trendline. Price has been bouncing back and forth from that line. Moreover, the last couple of days, price has been consolidating at these levels.
--> Given the bullishness in the MACD and the support levels that are still intact, I think we can reasonably expecting a bullish boost somewhere soon.
--> In the mean time, note that if it would fall through, the next level would be the 78,6 retracement at around 0,00028387.
--> But everything is pointing to further upward movement, with the 0,5 level at 0,00056031 as a first major resistance level to overcome.

Feel free to draw an Elliot Wave analysis on it ;-)

Sweet dreamzzz
Bình luận: As expected, the bullish cross is almost there, in the mean time we have already been seeing the anticipated and welcomed upside.

Daily: MACD approaching Bullish cross

4 hourly: triggered us to buy BEFORE the daily cross, realising a nice gain already!
Bình luận: Fibonacci 50 resistance being tested now!
Bình luận: Important remark: less than 5 minutes ago, Stellar published its 2018 roadmap, you can find it here: https://www.stellar.org/blog/2018-Stella...
It looks a bit underwhelming though, what do you think? It might have negative impact on the price so keep that in mind!
Bình luận: It might have at least a short term depressing impact on the price.
Bình luận: Cf. my next post on how this trade was closed an is now opened again, ready for a next upward move:
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@cc247, Hi, I was unable to update the idea for a couple of days (other obligations :-) ), but here it is, you can follow this link to see how you should have traded this further, but also how you will be able to in the future. It will likely provide you enough info to try this out yourself :)

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I don't see anything depressing at all. Without saying specific new market-maker partnerships YET, they're actually telling us far more, if you really think about what is being shared. What they're essentially saying is that they are just about ready to bust out into what they have been aiming for, which is a market-maker between all markets, i.e. a self sufficient exchange middle-man between pretty much everyone. It's actually BIGGER than I expected. Clearly, the roll out strategy and specifics, including all the new players, is to come in the coming months when they launch SDEX. After the release is digested, I think this will shoot them to the moon over the next weeks and few months. Just my take... Up, up and away... ;-)
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ABear Inspirar
@Inspirar, heading over to read the roadmap now ... itll be interesting to compare your two diff opinions of what it says. Perhaps I will have a third... or none;)
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ABear Inspirar
@Inspirar, yup... Im good with the announcement. Pretty much, this part sums things up and if it can be taken at face value then it is all good. I like this style. "For those of you hoping for splashy partnership announcements, that’s not our goal here. Also, at a philosophical level, we believe that applauding our nth partner is less important than ensuring existing partnerships are successful."
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@ABear, @Inspirar, I agree both from a fundamental and technical point of view. I might have exaggerated a little in using the word "underwhelming", but in the world of crypto announcing something that we already more or less knew can give some downward pressure in the short term. This actually occurred negligibly by XLM declining like 5% but recovering quickly on the news. I'm still bullish on XLM and so far all technicals are telling us that same thing. At least in the mid term, we will reap some nice profits by staying close to this gem. Fully agree with @Inspirar , also thanks to both for providing your take!

By the way, our twitter post got around a small 100'ish replies in the mean time, and the general response there tends to agree with the bullish camp ;-)
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A_Cryptastic_Mind A_Cryptastic_Mind
Poll results are 64% on saying either "roadmap looks amazing" and "some great stuff on there" ;-)
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@Indiobear, ;-)
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