XRP Continuation Pattern - Going up in 3, 2, 1

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
Execuse my simple TA i'm new to this, but couldn't help but notice the OBVIOUS Bullish Pennant Continuation Pattern for XRPUSDT that's about to break, that's a clear Buy Signal.

For the short term, Looks like we're going to $0.95 - $1.20

In @Kryptokelly 's words: The Most obvious buy in my cryptocareer!

Hope this helps, your feedback, thoughts and comments are more than welcome :)

Your donations are also welcomed:
XRP: rU4pRgi3AKRbZgyzytSgTeXg6Ffv3hobxP

Thanks all, See you up there!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Hurray! Just broke out of the Consolidation zone!
Ladies & Gentelmen: Fasten your seatbelts :D
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: As @Aatmik_Bhatt & @Cryptomoker pointed out, XRP briefly broke out of consolidation and came back.

Looks like we're in for another wave before the breakout, but we're still good, and it's still very bullish

This is actually a good thing, more consolidation provides stronger momentum for the breakout, not to mention one last chance for late comers to aboard the ship!

Bottom-line: plan's still in motion, nothing's changed, we're golden!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: XRP is still consolidating and building momentum, you add more positions at $0.70
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: XRP still in play, consolidating at $0.67, a great opportunity to join the party right now!
any update TannerJ?
Phản hồi
Not even one slight update on what the thought is about Ripple @ this moment? Looking at Bitcoin going towards 20.000 USD pushed other coins to the side what effect does this have on the long term of the outbreak of ripple @ this point? Because it passed it's outbreak towards 81cents. and declined again after. Also like Aatmik_Bhatt says it does have another wave going but what are the signs now? you got any info on that :) "? would love to hear your oppinion.
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TannerJ Cryptomoker
Hey @Cryptomoker, thanks for the comment

Bitcoin made a minor correction down to ~$15K and that caused a bit of FUD after BTC holders switched some of their investments to major alt coins like XRP. With that said, BTC quickly recovered after retesting and picked-up from where it left, causing a new FOMO, so a lot of the same money came back to BTC, along with new money flooding.

Now back to your question: what kind of effect do i think this will have over the outbreak of alt coins & XRP on the long term,
First of all, define long-term? could be couple of weeks, months, or even a year, but for the sake of this argument, i'll assume you mean till end of December 2017

XRP's definitely showing strong bullish movement towards breaking new levels, it has been setting there for so long while growing slowly but steadily, and considering the recent news about Uber & Amazon's partnership with ripple, and coinbase listing XRP next month, that will most definitely change the game, not to mention numerous rumors floating around that ripple has frozen about $85 billion of the Maximum Circulating Supply.

Looking at this you can read between the lines and connect the dots of what's about to happen

Now XRP has nothing to do with BTC, as a matter of fact, in case you didn't know, unlike BTC, XRP is centralized, which results in a somewhat more stable market (depending on who controls the blockchain). And over the years, XRP was almost never negatively affected by BTC corrections and crashes, if anything, it attracted new money as a safer storage of value coin.

As for the pattern's movement, kindly read my update above, cheers :)
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verseav008 TannerJ
@TannerJ, thanks for the update. I have been lookin g closely and waiting for it to grow. I have opened another position of 1800 xrp at 0.74500c and liq price is .0.33c
Do you think thats a good idea? Waiting for your reply.
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TannerJ verseav008
Hey @verseav008, you're welcome man, adding more to your positions before an upcoming breakout is always a good idea, but if i were you, i'd be more patient before adding even more, i suggest you follow @Cryptomoker 's suggestion on adding more @ $0.70
Phản hồi
@TannerJ, thank you for your explanation TannerJ, I am still holding off now on buying because i still see Ripple dropping. I might step in on Ripple around 0,70 or even lower. I will keep a close eye on the chart and see where things are going.

I had one more question though you might be able to answer? Do you think that XRP will make a bullish move even if BTC will break 20k? and keeps pushing on? because people are pushing money in to BTC and will pull out when it gets it's correction. But i do not want to hold off to long on buying and out of no where see XRP explode and also BTC keeping its steady upwards stream if you get me?

would love to here your thoughts on this.
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TannerJ Cryptomoker
Hey @Cryptomoker, your strategy of adding more @ $0.70 is on point!

I agree with you that during ordinary times, BTC's uptrend should negatively affect alt coins, but this is an extraordinary time, FOMO is everywhere, BTC has hit unrealistic new highs, and average people are starting to get into the game bringing unfathomable amounts of money along, so if you factor all of this into account, the logical expectation would be for people to withdraw from alt coins and invest in BTC.

BUT... XRP is proving more and more everyday to have it's own motivation, independently growing on it's own. and that will be confirmed when it's added to coinbase, as there's no going back from there.

On another note, BTC is about to have a major correction when it hits somewhere around $21K, which would bring it down to ~$13.5K then it'll continue the marathon all the way up to ~$100K before the bubble pops., and due to greed and FIAT withdrawal difficulty (especially in very large sums), During this correction, people will prefer to use alt coins as safe heavens, and XRP will be first in line!

Reference: Note the date of the idea, and press "Play" to load new bars, and see for yourself... that guy comes from the future!
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@TannerJ, thanks for your answer Tanner, i will keep a close eye on this and give my imput from time to time. To bad i missed the buy option @ 64 cents :( but then again we are all still early in this coin. so for all who wants to step in this is the time.
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If you see the graph now .. there is one more wave going on .. what do you think about that ???
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TannerJ Aatmik_Bhatt
@Aatmik_Bhatt, Totally true, but still bullish!
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