Sorry RIPPLE, You're Gonna Die! And You'll Be Fine.... (XRPUSD)

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
Hello Dear Friends <3

So it's time once again to check in on our old friend Ripple a.ka. bankster coin. A few weeks ago D4 told you it would get ripped in half, and as you can see we're getting there. Right now XRP is breathing a whiff of fresh air, hoping that the torment is over. But fallas, this is NOT the bottom.

Ripple is trying all its best though, but you, my smart and sexy followers all know that it's still up to grand master Bitcoin to decide who lives and who dies, and BTC is not letting XRP off the hook yet.

Get ready for rock bottom! Yes. D4 hates to be the bringer of bad news, and please be mild on him for doing it, but Ripple is going to smash into the landing zone with 200 km/h, and when BTC bottoms out near the 6.000-5,000 USD-level, Ripple is gonna do 0.40 USD (where we have our first support level ) or even down to 25 cents, where we have HUGE support (Black Line, Point of Control).

So what to do? Well, good news is that Ripple is not gonna die. The banks are deep invested into keeping it alive, so when this cold and scary crypto winter comes to and end and spring arrives, Ripple too will breath new life and once again rise from the ashes.

When it reaches $2 again, maybe CNBC will even re-run their segment on how to buy it?

Only one thing is certain. Your humble servant D4 will be there to follow Ripple and give you all the latest developments in its tumultous life.

D4 Loves You <3

If you believe that Ripple will make it, give a LIKE to show it some love in its darkest hour! If you HATE RIPPLE, please do ma a favor and LIKE this analysis too. Thanks, friends <3
Bình luận: Ouuuch, oouch, RIPPLE! 4h chart this time. We are in a downtrend channel as you can see. Pay attention to the yellow circles.

Price is making lower highs, while the RSI is making higher highs. Ladies and Gentleman, once again, Hidden Bearish Divergence, which means we will continue our downtrend.

Please give a LIKE if you appreciate all my work - thx in advance, my friends <3

Bình luận: Ripple is still doing badly. As you can see a HS formation took us down, and even worse a bear flag has now taking form, which predicts we will fall even lower in a free fall.

Poor Bankster coin!! (LOL)


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XRP is making a run today. Any chance of an updated chart?
Phản hồi
As we posted months ago when XRP was at $2.00 it's headed to .30c but now even lower to .22c and we got all the hate mail from the longs with that post and now here we are.
Phản hồi
Theres no pont analyzing ripple. if BTC goes up so does ripple. If BTC goes down...
Phản hồi
Thank you brother I sold everything just minute ago. Thank you !!!
Phản hồi
damdamm damdamm
Phản hồi
Time for an update. The coinbase news is throwing off my charts.
Phản hồi
You are great Dude ...
Phản hồi
Cripple is complete trash, I don't even need TA to recognize that. But hey...I wish you dreamers good luck with speculating in a banks' proprietary financial messaging widget. Maybe you think for their huge remittance payments (which $XRP is an optional component of BTW) they will hit the retail exchanges and buy them from you bag holders LOL. Show me another coin with such mature tech, blindingly fast transaction times, 107 bank customers signed on and a slew of stellar announcements and partnerships (AMEX, Moneygram, WU...) but still constantly disappoints? Imagine Bitcoin with those fundamentals? The smart money understands tho obviously...meanwhile you $XRP zealots try to rationalize your investment decision and make up logic for why any extreme price appreciation or even simple volatility is good for the coin's end users. You will excuse away the idea that Ripple can just create more tokens at will with their "proof of nothing" protocol, but consider yourselves decentralization faithfuls. Whatever...again, good luck with that.
+1 Phản hồi
GerbenDeZeeuw AgonyOfVictory
@AgonyOfVictory, I was reading it and kind of thought it was not a bad piece. Until this sentence "You will excuse away the idea that Ripple can just create more tokens at will with their "proof of nothing" protocol, but consider yourselves decentralization faithfuls. Whatever...again, good luck with that"

Total garbage, no research and probably a kid that thinks he knows crypto.

But I do agree that the coin is behind the news.
Phản hồi
This is an interesting observation/commentary regarding Ripple $XRP from a knowledgeable lawyer concerning their US facing SEC exposure: https://twitter.com/aainslie/status/981661119415832577?s=21
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