BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Buy it after the Breakout even if don't go to the key Levels.
Also buy at those entry:
Or levels that is hard to reach:
Short term 2.8$
Long term 5$
Bình luận: Trade active at 1.23$
Bình luận: XRP is going to 0.68$
I think, xrp will be 2.4 <-> 1.7 in the next two weeks, ppl need more reasons to buy xrp, like other news.
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dregos AnKin
@AnKin, More reason? People bougth on speculation about Coinbase, jet now that Moneygram confirmed xRapid people are not shure. It blows my mind.
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nixel dregos
If RippleLabs release another 1/3 of XRP for liquidity then the price level will go back to normal - $ 0.20
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dregos nixel
@nixel, I don't understand. Why would they release 1 third? They've put it in escrow and will not release it at once. They will release it in time and one can calculate how much is available. How did you define 0.20$? For me the normal is now, arround 2$. "Normal" is of course not definable. It is merely a mathematical estimation on XRP normal = natural price.
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nixel dregos
0.04-0.20 is target of H&S pattern. Actually I am not sure if it is still active.
I am not sure if they release 1/3 or 1/10, but it is good to release some part of it to make some profit. RippleLabs grow. Big partners needs liquidity to make huge transactions. Now 50% of circulating 1/3 of XRP is in Korean exchanges.
Someone will make big money. If RippleLabs can force price down, they should made it.
However we have to reach 0.90 level first. See my idea for details.
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dregos nixel
@nixel, Even if they should they can not anymore since their XRP are now locked up and only 1B per month is let out. It will last at least(minimum) 55 months till they sell all their XRP.
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