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Dont let this BULLTRAP fool you... XRP UPDATE

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
Instructions for verification below:

This is still a BEARISH MARKET based on 3 Day Chart of XRP...

Until the lower Bollinger band meets the XRP PRICE at THAT TIME... I am bearish ...

@Crypto_Sid, Exactly. Sid with all due respect. You could go to BITSTAMP .NET and see for yourself. This is the exchange that I use. The oldest cryptocurrency exchange... You do not need to create an account to see it. Simply go to www. bitstamp .net Click on TRADEVIEW (in blue on the top right.) Then, on the left, select (XRP/USD). Then, on select:

Note: all stocks, all coins follow the same structure... "what hits the TOP BOLLINGER BAND" ***MUST TOUCH*** the BOTTOM BOLLINGER BANDS ...

Indicator Select: ICHIMOKU CLOUDS :
You will notice ultimately that there is no cloud obstruction... WHEN YOU LOOKK AT THE THREE DAY CHART!
Also know with clouds... "WHAT GOES THROUGH A GREEN CLOUD - MUST GO THROUGH A RED CLOUD" and vice versa. CURRENTLY, the red ichimoku cloud is at: .226 CENTS and WILL BE TOUCHED BEFORE IT BOUNCES OFF!

Indicator Select: MACD
You will find that both The red and white lines are down and I have been observing that they have both been going down further...

THE 3 DAY CHART is selected by choosing on the right... 3D
It is auto selected at 30 min chart (which looks impressive) AND will fool 95% OF THOSE THAT TRADE IN ANYTHING AT ALL!

Be aware, check for yourself, I am not here to school anyone (I promise).
I understand what "NaviedKhvn" has been saying and I cannot argue that...
I can only show the EVIDENCE of what is being seen THAT MOST PEOPLE SIMPLY ARE NOT SEEING."
Being blinded is not a fault.

There are many tools one could use at any given time...
But, the compelling tools right now are the ones I mentioned on the three day chart.

You can keep these settings while selecting on the TOP LEFT BTC/USD...
Then select 3day chart on the right and WITNESS FOR YOURSELF...

"Bitcoin" has hit the lower Bollinger band ... and IS STILL ON A DOWNWARD SLOPE!

Everyone knows that the alt coins are following bitcoin ... and we all know they buy into one pair sell off and buy into another pair... thats' beside the point.

The market is still bearish ... Please use caution...

The Wiz

The current 3 day chart lower Bollinger band still sits in the NEGATIVE -.13732 area well below the .22600 RED LINE I am speaking of...
This DOWNTREND "could last" through February 12th, 2018.

This is based on the weekly chart and each move with the mouse "as a tick" is 7 days...
Bình luận: All those indicators in the chart are DOWN!
This is a weekly chart because TRADEVIEW does not have a 3 day chart.

This is why I direct you to challenger yourself to witness what it is I am seeing...
This is due diligence at its best.

Good luck and may the FORTUNES be with you...

BOLLINGER BANDS are my best indicator...
ICHIMOKU CLOUDS in this example is for the winning argument.

Be safe - not sorry.

The Wiz
Bình luận: Forgot to say: select Indicato - then Bollinger Bands - sorry
Bình luận: Wow! There is now a .02093 BOTTOM FIB LINE!

I don't believe it will go there... but it could.
Bình luận: Resetting my buy order to:
.24902 cents

Good night all.
May the fortunes be with you.
Bình luận: As follows: everyone knows the alt-coins follow bitcoin.
Look at BTC and XRP - 3 day, bollingers and ichimoku and you will see that they have been in SYNC.

Courtesy of: Magic Poop Cannon's current TA on BTC...
here you go for a true revelation.

Bình luận: Looking at the 12 hr. chart... omg it looks NASTY!
the nastier the better lol
+1 Phản hồi
@abelgalaz, hehehehehe. Yessssss! LoL
Phản hồi
Bollinger Bands aren't meant to be read by including intersections with the price itself. This is just a self fulfilling prophecy.
Phản hồi
@dklug8, I agree but it helps the novice understand what is happening... this is why it is a tool that can be used.
They intersect regardless at some point.
This is not meant for pros but for novices...
Because - Novices lose their money 95% of the time.

Thank you for your comment.
+3 Phản hồi
dklug8 WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, You're welcome :)
Phản hồi
@dklug8, I believe you are mistaking the INTENT here.
Phản hồi
I know this may sound a bit odd.. but humans are trading XRP. Not bollinger bands.
Phản hồi
WizardOfRealms hosweetim89
@hosweetim89, Read above statement
Phản hồi
all I have to say is.... .618... watch
Phản hồi
Guess what - believe it. The young guy that writes our algos came up with .25c a couple of weeks ago but it was so low i didnt believe it so I posted .30c as a target and got nothing but hate mail - can you imagine if i had posted our actual number of .249c LOL
Phản hồi
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