Ripple XRP To $150-$400 Early - Late 2019 (LOW RISK)

KRAKEN:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
I remember a few month prior to Ripple XRP rocket launched, we were at just $0.21 and slowly moving up - down. We speculated $1 by 2018 and everyone was excited about it. Now we see that $2.90 was nothing for this monster and after doing some thorough analysis we came up with a very possible outcome for Ripple XRP long term.


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Bình luận: I would also like to remind everyone that when I say that targets will be reached by Early to Mid 2019, it does not mean that there won't be any rises before that haha. We will see rise and drops in price throughout 2018 and 2019 - just to clarify this for my newer members and investors
Bình luận: Reminder that this coin was at only $0.005 (YEAH - that's 2 zeroes... It was half a cent!!!!) to over $3 a year later
Bình luận: Market is having mini crash which is perfectly fine, gives us great opportunity to buy in cheap or refill your current portfolio.
Bình luận: Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on this idea in a respectful manner!
Bình luận: Would like to note that our targets are fairly minimal and real price may vary greatly
Bình luận: This is a perfect time to buy in for long term traders
Bình luận: On track with XRP, no corrections needed now
Bình luận: Expect a major correction in short term - re purchase opportunity
Bình luận: Next few days will be critical to short term progress
Bình luận: Chart looks good to me so $150 here we come haha
Bình luận: Give it some time guys
Bình luận: We are again in accumulation process
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Crazy couple days. Do you chart XLM?
Phản hồi
@cpoleary, We are not into it
Phản hồi
Yo estoy completamente convencido de que esto no es una burbuja. Y me tomo las criptomonedas como un robbin hood que viene a salvar al pueblo de tanto engaño. Inviertan ahora obtendrán muchos benéficos.
Phản hồi
You really believe Ripple will reach a market cap of over 10 trillion? Wow, Come on bro, stay off the pipe ;)
+2 Phản hồi
You are forgetting we are in the biggest bubble of all times, of course it raised exponentially the past few months.

Questions :
-do you think this bubble will keep on increasing every coin including Dogecoin untill 2019?
-where will all these trillions to feed Xrp come from? Martians money? or 70% of the world people will become crypto investors that invest an average of 2000$ on Xrp?
I guess everyone would love to see cryptomoney that much capitalized, but i am certain 99% this cannot mathematically happen.


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CryptoManiac101 PRO Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, Who's to say this is a bubble? It looks like it to many, but it's not a short term bubble.
Phản hồi
Giorgioversace CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, How can you know this, nobody knows.
Phản hồi
CryptoManiac101 PRO Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, First of all you commented above with confidence saying that it was a bubble. Second of all, there are people that know whether this is a bubble or not and they are at the very top of the 'whale investors'. Finally, from doing an analysis of the current situation with consultation of other analysts, its more then evident that this is not a bubble just yet but a natural rise followed by immense interest coming from generation X and attention that came from social and tv media.
Phản hồi
Like everyone here, I have to point out the math for the total market cap for $150 XRP makes this almost impossible. Especially for a token you can't actually use for anything, nor easily exchange for real US dollars. Assuming XRP maintains something like its current ratio to BTC, that $150 XRP would mean million dollar BTC. Again, not going to happen unless dollars hyperinflate and become worthless.
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@goldenmule, Just watch
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