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XRP up, ETH down. Ripple bullish news.

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Đô la Mỹ
XRP to be used in Singapore.

Based on the news: I remember BCH added to coinbase and its effect.

My guess (let's see how wrong i am):
XRP up, next all time high, possible back to 3$ in couple hours, extended to 6$ today, possible 15$ over the next couple days.
On the other hand, I shorted ETH. ETH had a good run, the steam is running off, the profits are low, it entered correction as I called it in comments on some other posts.
ETH people will jump jump ship, ETH had a steep climb with no supports along the way, I call a drop to 800 as people will jump ship gradually.
Bình luận: Also (and more relevant to this chart, as the breakout happened off it)
MoneyGram will used Ripple
Bình luận: Of course, I am overly optimistic.
This is not a financial advice just a speculation ;)
Right now there are still people trying to short it and long-term shorting it to 0.6
They will also have to buy back at some point.
Bình luận: Bullish flag in the view.
I've unloaded half at 2.2 for security.
It can fall back to support at 1.8 now very strong because of the volume

I see 2 ways:
1. Now we wait for the greenlight when everything is red and XRP green.
People remember what happened last time BTC went full correct and jump it like crazy.
2. Something else will get pumped, we fall back to 1.8 with a strong bounce.
Bình luận: ... and bounce off 1.9. possible fake out.
Bình luận: I call 2.00 - 2.05, flag completition.
Bình luận: ETH starting to fall now. It will be a great fall.
Waiting on that XRP.
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