XVG/BTC market prediction

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Here we can observe a Falling Wedge pattern in progress with XVG. Maybe we will witness a new All Time High within the next uptrend.
Bình luận: Note for the traders. During current times you noticed the heavy dip of XVG price, which is happening due to a lot of sold orders which took place to cash BTC out for USDT while BTC is reaching its double-top point, side to side with the fear which got into some XVG traders. Retracing (up) will occur right after BTC/USD price settles down. The recommendation is be patient before placing an order to buy into the lowest XVG price(s) possible.
Bình luận: Unfortunately the BTC price surge caused a big reversal for XVG price wave. Check my updated idea at my profile. Thank you.
you didn't take into account any TA, the wraith protocol is going to be released end of this month, once that's in XVG is on par with monero except its not vastly overpriced (XVG), it's vastly underpriced (XVG), better in fact as it has discord/telegram/twitter tipping and RSK is work in progress as well.

There are other factors at work in trading, not just a correlation to BTC's mood.
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@Mantrid, I think you missed few points. This analysis was published on August, one month prior to Wraith Protocol Announcement. The other point is XVG is highly correlated to BTC price and trend as proved in many occasions, including its latest dive down to 104sats (after Wraith protocol announcement). Praising a coin for its technology shouldn't be upon neglecting facts.

The updated idea I've mentioned:

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ok well that was off lol
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@w4nn13, unfortunately yes, this is why I kept this (BTC price uptrend/downtrend) as the top condition, XVG is correlated to BTC price.
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can you prediction the price of xvg after 3 months ???
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CryptoSyndrome ESlamElsherbeny
@ESlamElsherbeny, Unfortunately no I can't. The three factors I have mentioned will decide it.
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