Supertrend (MTF) & Parabolic SAR

One of my mixed approach strategy indicators which includes:

- Parabolic SAR
- 1 Hour Supertrend
- 4 Hour Supertrend

Whilst this script may appear slow due to the 4hr Supertrend, it does a great job of managing breakouts.

Using this indicator is simple, if the line labeled Lifetime is green then buy, if red then sell OR don't trade. So...

Green Line - This strategy is in a buy position
Red Line - This strategy is in a sell position
Any other Color - DON'T TRADE

The traders approach is simple, when all indicators are green or red, then take the trade. As soon as one indicator changes, then re-evaluate using your normal process, such as price action, to determine whether to close the trade or continue.

If you require any further information or script modifications, please message me.

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@ForexResearchLabs :
Is there a way to anchor/fix the labels of the heatmap (here: timeframes) to the right, so that they are always shown on the right side, even if I scroll back to the left in order to see older candles? This is really important to me. I would deeply apprciate it, if you could provide your expertise and help. Thank you very much.
It would also be possible to anchor the labels to the left side, if not possible on the right side.
Phản hồi
Hmm I want to start an alert for buy signal but they never start any alert
Phản hồi
Sir, kindly make a similar multi time indicator using RSI, Super Trend, ADX where we can change the values of ADX, RSI and Super Trend
Phản hồi
Nice script.. Thinking that ATR calculation needs to done on muti timeframe.

atr = security(syminfo.tickerid, TPeriod, sma(tr, Periods))
Phản hồi
This is fantastic! Thanks!!!
Phản hồi
hey nelly whats up ...where is the supertrend mtf no repaint?
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