Volume Profile [LUX]

Displays the estimate of a volume profile , with the option to show a rolling POC (point of control). Users can change the lookback, row size, and various visual aspects of the volume profile .



  • Lookback: Number of most recent bars to use for the calculation of the volume profile
  • Row Size: Determines the number of rows used for the calculation of the volume profile
  • Show Rolling POC: Determines whether to display the rolling POC of the volume profile


  • Width (% of the box): Determines the length of the bars relative to the Lookback value
  • Bar Width: Width of each bar
  • Flip Histogram: Flips the histogram, when enabled, the histogram base will be located at the most recent candle
  • Gradient: Allows to color the volume profile bars with a gradient, with a color intensity determined by the length of each bar
  • Rows Solid Color: Color of each bar when 'Gradient' is disabled
  • POC Solid Color: Color of the POC when 'Gradient' is disabled


It is very common to display volume over time in order to visualize the trading activity made over a specific candle, however this is not the only way to display volume and it can be interesting to put it in relation with the price, which is what volume profiles do.

Volume profiles are displayed as price relative histograms showing the accumulated volume within certain price areas, the number of areas are determined by the row size of the volume profile . Knowing which price's area accumulated the most volume allow highlighting areas of interest to market participants.

Most accumulated volume will be encountered in zones of equilibrium between buyers and sellers; that is zones of local price stationarity. These zones are highlighted by high volume nodes in the volume profile . Imbalance between buyers and sellers are highlighted by thinner zones of the volume profile .

The price level with the most accumulated volume is highlighted by the "point of control" (POC), displayed by the dotted line in the indicator.

The POC is often considered an important level, commonly used as support/resistance by traders. One can verify the accuracy of this use case by using the rolling POC (assuming one would use the POC over time as SR).

Indicator Limitations

Volume profiles are calculated using tick data, which is not the case of this estimate, as such you won't have an accurate representation of an actual volume profile .

The rolling POC can introduce time outs in the script computation, use lower lookback and row size value to display it.
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Bình luận

This looks great but doesn't seem to work for me. When I load the script nothing appears, and I've tried multiple timeframes. Any ideas?
+10 Phản hồi
alexgrover buddyrevell79
@buddyrevell79, Make sure you are applying the indicator to a symbol having volume data.
+2 Phản hồi
santyraffo4 alexgrover
@alexgrover, I have volume data but it says over 40s error run time. why don't you post the settings that you had in the picture above probably the default settings are wrong?
Phản hồi
alexgrover santyraffo4
@santyraffo4, Everything is explained in the limitations section, if you enable the poc make sure to have a lookback/row size relatively low, try 200/24.
Phản hồi
Kimurafist buddyrevell79
@buddyrevell79, same with me. Have you got it working? Thanks
+2 Phản hồi
Thanks very much for the tool. Is there a way to offset the bars (or "box") to the right side of the chart? This would allow for visualization of the "volume shelf"
+3 Phản hồi
alexgrover jcllier3
@jcllier3, not at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it :)
Phản hồi
harrydyer14 alexgrover
@alexgrover, is this happening, thankyou
Phản hồi
harrydyer14 jcllier3
@jcllier3, brilliant idea
Phản hồi
That's an awesome new publication <3
+3 Phản hồi
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