Cyatophilum Ichimoku Oscillator [ALERT SETUP]

Hello, I built an oscillator based on Ichimoku trading rules. I wanted something simple to use, but powerful, with automated alerts that would help us trade breakouts and trend reversals.
The indicator can be used on all timeframes and everywhere : Crypto, Forex, Index, Stocks, Futures , CFD.

Basically, green bars equals bull market and red bars equals bear market.
Blue and Orange bars show potential breakouts and you can setup automatic alerts for receiving an email or SMS when it happens.
You can also setup alerts for new highs and new lows indicating a potential trend reversal.
The narrow channel in the middle indicates consolidating periods and unsignificant trades, because we know Ichimoku performs badly in range markets.
For more information on how to use it, I made a description page at the link below.

Sample Use Cases :

BTCUSD 2H with New Highs/Lows on chart (blue and red circles correspond to alert conditions)



Use divergences with price action to trade breakouts.

More information on my website

Purchase this indicator today and get access to my other Cyatophilum Indicators that will help you in your trading

Happy trading!
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
  • Changed colors.
  • Simplified utilisation.
  • Added StopLoss option.
  • Did some backtesting. (Strategy backtest version will be published on my profile)

There is now only two automated alerts that you can create :
"buy" = Long Breakout
"sell" = Short Breakout
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Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

My Website :

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Would love to try this indicator :)
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