Kozlod - Heikin-Ashi Bar Color Change Alerts

You can use this script to setup alerts on Heikin-Ashi bar color change.
You have to apply this script to usual candles and not Heikin-Ashi!!!

Background color indicates HA bar color. On change you'll see green/red arrows and alert will be fired.

Also you can find in the code calculations of all HA OHLC values.
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Thanks man!
100 xu
+1 Phản hồi
will it repaint ?
+12 Phản hồi
This chart above with up and down arrows for buy and sell seems interesting. How to get it on my system where I use Trade tiger of share khan and also for Zerodha charts?
+4 Phản hồi
@MARUTICELERIO, Hey, sorry, don't have experience with Trade tiger or Zerodha
Phản hồi

How come the background colour sometimes doesn't match the HA candles?
+1 Phản hồi
QuantNomad wutrading
@wutrading, Do you apply it on HA Candles?
Phản hồi
wutrading QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, no I applied on normal candles. Most of the background colors are correct but just some of them are wrong. Can you make them match the color of the HA candles exactly?
Phản hồi
superb!!! many thanks!
+1 Phản hồi
Is it possible to choose or fix only 1TF so the background color remains the same even if we change our chart TF? For example, could it be possible to look at the 1H chart but having the background HA color from the 1D HA candle?
Phản hồi
Dear Sir ,
Can u please make a indicator which is finding engulfing candle on Heikin Ashi Chart ?
Kindly sir .
Phản hồi