New Highs-Lows NASDAQ-Buschi

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This indicator shows the NASDAQ's new highs (green) and new lows (red).
Extreme trading days with more than 99 % new highs relative to new lows vice versa are marked via lines (theoretically values) and triangles (breaches).

Dieser Indikator zeigt die neuen Hochs (grün) und neuen Tiefs (rot) der NASDAQ.
Extreme Handelstage mit mehr als 99 % neuen Hochs relativ zu den neuen Tiefs und andersherum sind gekennzeichnet über Linien (theoretische Werte) und Dreiecke (Überschreitungen).
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good indicator, however, can you please further explain what does the line mean?
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Best advance indicator thanks MagicEins!
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Nice code, could you pl. help me with another piece of similar code to mark Highest and Lowest of the day since day open?
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Good One....Thanks....How can it be altered for different exchange??
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MagicEins rupesh007
@rupesh007, thank you!
The data comes directly from TradingView (HIGQ, LOWQ), so there are limits which exchanges are supported. I already made similar indicators for the NYSE and AMEX.
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