Parabolic Stop

Parbolic Stop is a mix between the indicator Parabolic SAR , Volatility Stop and an SMA .

The goal of this indicator is to place your stop loss in an optimized spot. You can also combine the indicator switch from different timeframes to get buy or sell signal.
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Với tinh thần của TradingView, tác giả đã xuất bản tập lệnh theo mã nguồn mở, vì thế trader có thể dễ dàng hiểu và tùy chỉnh được. Bạn có thể sử dụng miễn phí, hoặc tùy chỉnh lại mã đã được cấp phép bởi Quy tắc Chung. Bạn có thể sử dụng nó trên biểu đồ.

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study(title="Parabolic Stop", shorttitle="StopAR", overlay=true)
start = input(0.02)
increment = input(0.05)
maximum = input(0.2)
sar = sar(start, increment, maximum)
length = input(20)
smaclose= sma(close, 3*length)
smahigh = sma(high, 3*length)
smalow = sma(low, 3*length)
mult = input(4)
atr_ = atr(length)
max1 = max(nz(max_[1]), close)
min1 = min(nz(min_[1]), close)
is_uptrend_prev = nz(is_uptrend[1], true)
stop = is_uptrend_prev ? max1 - mult * atr_ : min1 + mult * atr_
vstop_prev = nz(vstop[1])
vstop_prev2 = nz(vstop[2])
vstop1 = is_uptrend_prev ? min(max(vstop_prev, stop), sar): max(min(vstop_prev, stop), sar)
is_uptrend = close - vstop1 >= 0
is_trend_changed = is_uptrend != is_uptrend_prev
max_ = is_trend_changed ? close : max1
min_ = is_trend_changed ? close : min1
vstop = is_trend_changed ? is_uptrend ? max(max_ - mult * atr_, sar) : min(min_ + mult * atr_, sar) : vstop1
p1 = plot(vstop, color = is_uptrend ? aqua : fuchsia, style = line, linewidth=2)
sma = is_uptrend?smaclose : smaclose
p2 = plot(sma, color = white, linewidth=2)

Bình luận

Thanks for the indicator bro
Phản hồi
hey bro!your code is superb.I was editing your code But it was showing an error line no 12.Max is not defined.Can you please help me??/
Phản hồi
Does someone know how to update the script to V3. Got always the undeclared identifier issue. Thank you very much in advance
Phản hồi
I love using this Parabolic Stop. I would like to have a code added that would also plot a line 6% above this Parabolic Stop indicator.
I know it should be simple to do but I don't understand how to code very well in the Tradingview platform.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Arthur L Wells
Phản hồi
SobishSoman ArtWells
@ArtWells, time frame .. it's nice crude
Phản hồi
ArtWells SobishSoman
@SobishSoman, Thanks SobishSoman for the reply.
Phản hồi
SobishSoman ArtWells
Any new version available
+3 Phản hồi