[KL] Bollinger bands + RSI Strategy

This strategy is based on two of my previous scripts, one called “RSI14 + 10”; the other one called “Bollinger Bands Consolidation”. At its core, it combines the main setups from each of those two scripts but excludes the auxiliary features that were considered as experimental. This strategy will identify periods of squeeze, and then enter long during consolidation with a trailing stop loss set.

Primary indicator will be the Bollinger Bands . By comparing the width of the BBs with the ATR of the same lookback period (i.e. 2 standard deviations of the 20 recent closing prices vs ATR(20) x2), we begin to look for confirmation for entry whenever the standard deviation of prices is less than the ATR. This can be seen visually in the plots (i.e. default gray lines representing ATRx2 relative to BB center line).

Confirmation for entry will be the RSIs (slow-14, and fast-10). If both are upward sloping, then we assume prices are in an uptrend and may eventually break above upper band. RSIs are typically in mid-range when prices are consolidating, therefore no need to measure it.

Exits will happen in two cases, (1) when trailing stop loss hits, or (2) when RSIs signal that the instrument is overbought. No. 1 is self-explanatory. No. 2 happens, when RSI14 reaches above 70 (can be changed), followed by RSI10 catching up and surpassing RSI14.
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