CCI45/SMA50 indy for 30 min SP500


The script determines entry points using 45 period CCI and 50 period SMA .

Long condition: When CCI crosses up 150 treshold while price above 50 period SMA
Short condition: When CCI crosses down -150 treshold while price below 50 period SMA

Trades are executed above/below 1 point of high/low for long/short positions. Stops are just 1 point below/above of SMA . After 4 points of profit stops should be tightened. If you do not plan to hold the position for a long time, it can produce quick profit within 5-6 bars namely 2.5-3 hour. Otherwise you can manage the trade using SMA as trailing stop. This can be treated as a strategy of scalping which turns out a trend trading eventually if conditions good.

Have a nice trading

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