Guppy Multiple Moving Average

An implementation of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average, as originally described by Daryl Guppy.

Alert presets have been added for convenience, including

- Price enters investor group
- Price rises over investor group
- Price falls under investor group
- Trader-group rises above Investor group
- Trader-group falls below Investor group

Learn more about interpretation and uses of the GMMA in some of Daryl's books, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading "Trend Trading" and am looking forward to reading more of his works.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Add the juice from @JustUncleL's Super Guppy:

  • alert arrows and conditions on trend changes and pullbacks.
  • License under the GNU CPL v3
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Thank you and very helpful to get this MT4 into TV with your touches.
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Very cool script!

I can tell you spent a lot of time on this one. I have experience building robots with metatrader and calgo but I am new to trading view and pine.

I am almost able to make sense of most of the script but I am baffeled by the ankor and multiplier.

What is the purpose of these 2 variables ?

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optictropic martinfou
Thanks @martinfou, I am actually not as familiar with metatrader and calgo, but that kind of background sounds very interesting!

The anchor can be used to display a consistent timeframe's moving average, no matter which timeframe the users switches to. To put that another way, I can select the 1440 anchor (1 day's worth of minutes) and then if I switch to the 15-minute timeframe, this indicator will still display the 1-day Guppy's lines on my 15-minute timeframe chart.

The multiplier is a helper-variable (to the anchor) that _multiplies_ the currently-selected timeframe's Guppy MMA values, to make them equivalent into those of the selected anchor's timeframe.

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martinfou optictropic
@optictropic, thanks! It makes a lot more sense now.
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optictropic martinfou
@martinfou glad to have helped :)
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Nice work! Little question. How do we set up the alert to be notified by email or SMS?
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optictropic patoushka

I right-click on the indicator and select "Add Alert", the configure the dialog box that appears
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patoushka optictropic
@optictropic, Thanks for your answer. I have difficulties to setup it. I want to have an alert each time the buy/sell arrow appear at the breakout point. My goal is to be notified at the begin of a new trend so I will be able to wait for the swing signal in front of the screen.

This is an example for sell:

- I select "SELL Break Arrow" and "Sell Arrow" into conditions. The alerts are coming but not when the arrow appears. What are the specific conditions to select?

Thanks a lot!
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