UCS_Murrey's Math Oscillator_V2

Hello, Murrey Math lovers, Thanks for those who showed interest on this. Based on a request, I have updated the plot / candle coloring, for Version - 2.

This has been in the queue for a while.

There was a Glitch found with the Multiplier. Will Fix in the next version. The Current Version (and the previous version) only supports 1/8 fractions. Will not support 0.25. The code needs to be updated, to automate the fractal line glitches for other ratios, Planned for future update.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Colorful Oscillator. Please keep your suggestions flowing. Lets make it better.
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// Created & Developed by Ucsgears, based on Murrey Math Line Principle
// Version 2 - March, 12 - 2015

study(title="UCS_Murrey's Math Oscillator", shorttitle="UCS_MMLO", overlay=false, precision = 2)

// Inputs
length = input(100, minval = 10, title = "Look back Length")
mult = input(0.125, title = "Mutiplier; Only Supports 0.125 = 1/8")
lines = input(true, title= "Show Murrey Math Fractals")
bc = input(true, title = "Show Bar Colors Based On Oscillator")

// Donchanin Channel
hi = highest(high, length)
lo = lowest(low, length)
range = hi - lo
multiplier = (range) * mult
midline = lo + multiplier * 4

oscillator = (close - midline)/(range/2)

a = oscillator > 0 and oscillator < mult*2
b = oscillator > 0 and oscillator < mult*4
c = oscillator > 0 and oscillator < mult*6
d = oscillator > 0 and oscillator < mult*8

z = oscillator < 0 and oscillator > -mult*2
y = oscillator < 0 and oscillator > -mult*4
x = oscillator < 0 and oscillator > -mult*6
w = oscillator < 0 and oscillator > -mult*8

colordef = a ? #ADFF2F : b ? #32CD32 : c ? #3CB371 : d ? #008000 : z ? #CD5C5C : y ? #FA8072 : x ? #FFA07A : w ? #FF0000 : blue

plot (oscillator, color = colordef, title = "Murrey Math Oscillator", style = columns, transp = 60)
plot(0, title = "Zero Line", color = gray, linewidth = 4)

plot(lines == 1 ? mult*2 : na, title = "First Positive Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)
plot(lines == 1 ? mult*4 : na, title = "Second Positive Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)
p3 = plot(lines == 1 ? mult*6 : na, title = "Third Positive Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 2)
p4 = plot(lines == 1 ? mult*8 : na, title = "Fourth Positive Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)
plot(lines == 1 ? -mult*2 : na, title = "First Negative Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)
plot(lines == 1 ? -mult*4 : na, title = "Second Negative Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)
p2 = plot(lines == 1 ? -mult*6 : na, title = "Third Negative Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 2)
p1 = plot(lines == 1 ? -mult*8 : na, title = "Fourth Negative Quadrant", color = gray, linewidth = 1)

fill (p1,p2, color = orange)
fill (p3,p4, color = lime)

// Bar Color Oversold and Overbought
bcolor = bc == 1 ? colordef : na
Thnx for the great work on this indicator. I've one question. How should I interpret price going up or down but the bar color indicating the opposite colorwise, e.g. price goes up but the inside of the bar has a red color (even though it surpassed previous price level where the bar color was green)?
Phản hồi
I am using another MML Pivots indicator and I found yours here today! Looks great. If I am trading FOREX in 5M and 15M charts and my STOCH is set 10,3,3 how would you configure the UCS_Murrey's Math Oscillator?
Phản hồi
curious who is using this and what indicators are you combining with it to get a trade setup? I ran into this a couple years ago. Funny how its easier to see the good stuff later? here's my current trade setup:
Phản hồi
Is this project still alive. I think there might be some gold here.
Phản hồi
ucsgears davidmysterfx
@davidmysterfx, Yes It is alive. I use this to trade on weekly basis - mostly options
+2 Phản hồi
Good afternoon! Thanks for the great indicator. Tell me, what does purple bar mean? Thank you!
Phản hồi
ucsgears AndreiDuke
@AndreiDuke, A new high in the timeframe.
Phản hồi
@ucsgears being able to change the resolution in the settings of the indicator, such as looking at resolution of 5 minutes, on a 1 min chart, would be wonderful.
Phản hồi
ucsgears stockspy
@stockspy, You can adopt that. there are plenty of such examples
Phản hồi
This is probably my favorite indicator, and most valuable indicator, that I've found. Thank you.
Phản hồi
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