CBG Keltner Channels

Here's an updated version of the CBG Keltner Channel indicator.

1. Added a new option for painting bars and backgrounds.
- Option 5 will paint up bars if the midline moving average is moving up and price is above the control moving average. It will paint down bars if the opposite is true. If neither are true, it will paint a neutral color. The neutral color defaults to gray bars and no color for backgrounds.

2. I've also added a 3rd band.

The chart here shows the default settings except for the inner band which is turned off.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: I added a new painting method. Here's the description:

"6. Cross Back and Break Out"

Color changes when price breaks back above or below upper band2 or below lower band2.

It stays that color until the opposite band2 is breached and then price comes back. Color remains until the opposite band is breached and comes back. This colors the bars and background as price moves from one outer band to the opposite outer band.

Color also changes if price breaks under the outer band before hitting the opposite band.
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Create some more for RENKO
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GoldBands vikkranntshah
@vikkranntshah, Sure, what would you like to see? But please check out this indicator as it really is great. It earned 800 points last week trading 1 contract on NQ. Check out my discord server EMini RHK for more on the results.
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vikkranntshah GoldBands
@GoldBands, sure i would like to check your recommendation
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Thanks for sharing!!! Newbie here,in your opinion,is this a fakeout or break out is confirmed? Thanks
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GoldBands CurtisTerry
@CurtisTerry, look for my EMini RHK server on Discord for more details. Thanks!
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great stuff, thanks for sharing
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