52 Week High/Low to Yesterday

This script adds the 52 weeks (one year) high/low to the chart but it wouldn't update the value on the current trading day, so that it would remain at the same level for the whole trading day. It can come really handy for day trading the day of the 52 weeks high/low breakout/breakdown.
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Hello Roberto,
Another WT trader here!

It is crazy that you cannot pick a single value from a series and typecast it as an integer and then just plot a flat line in Pine. You have to implement this really hacked and terrible solution of combining trackprice=true and a maximum offset. I do not get why they don't just let you typecast. ><

Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. Your code has been helpful in giving me ideas for my own scripts!
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freedom_trader_ awkislingharris
@awkislingharris, thanks, glad to hear so!
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Roberto your production since you are in is impressive.
Finally i see tools that are used and coded by a real successful trader as i know well you are, and not coded by noobs that just like to put on paper some lines of code just to confuse people with unusefull stuff.
So once again you coded a useful script for the Daily Chart.
See you in wt chat.
Cheers from your silent trader buddy!
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Pier1972 Pier1972
BTW, put your scientist great brain on the TW scanners.
Can be a good tool, but there's a lack of flexibility cannot make it work as i want.
Still on old methods for scanning
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@Pier1972, Thanks so much for your support. It really means the world to me! Actually, I'd suggest you using this one indicator (52 Week High/Low to Yesterday) to your intraday charts too to help you making the right decisions in future day trades! I'll take a look at the TV scanners in the next future since I'm interested to know if they would be useful to serve my trading needs and I'll be happy to share my findings back to you. Have a great Sunday!
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Heroturk freedom_trader_
@freedom_trader_, Can you add quarterly h/l ?
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@Heroturk, thanks for your request. I'm not interested to doing it into this script but you could easily modify the code replacing the "252" (full year) here "daily_hh = security(tickerid,"D", highest(high,252), lookahead=barmerge.lookahead_on)" with "63" (quarter), so to obtain "daily_hh = security(tickerid,"D", highest(high,63), lookahead=barmerge.lookahead_on)".
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Heroturk freedom_trader_
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