Here is the 2ed edition of the AMA indicator.

what you would know to know?
  • AMA indicator based on support and resistance in a different way.
  • Basically, you have the X line (black color) and when you see candles is over it, then you can go long, and when it's below it you may go short or just close your deal and wait for a better chance to re-enter again.
  • You see the confirmation signs which helps you to get more signals for the deal.
  • You find a colored background that is based on the volume that could help you to know where if the traders are buying or selling.
  • AMA is configured to work with Alerts.
  • We've added EMA and our special moving average to help you in your decision.

Finally, the indicator is tested and works fine with Binance on 1H, 4H, D and you could change the length to have better results for the daily time frame.

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