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"Hello, first of all, I believe that the most important levels to look at are the weekly Fibonacci levels. I have planned an indicator that automatically calculates this. It models a range based on the weekly opening, high, and low prices, which is well-detailed and clear in my scans. I hope it will be beneficial for everyone.

***The logic of the Monday_Weekly_Range indicator is to analyze the weekly price movement based on the trading range formed on Mondays. Here are the detailed logic, calculation, strategy, and components of the indicator:

***Calculation of Monday Range:

The indicator calculates the highest (mondayHigh) and lowest (mondayLow) price levels formed on Mondays.
If the current bar corresponds to Monday, the values of the Monday range are updated. Otherwise, the values are assigned as "na" (undefined).

***Calculation of Monday Range Midpoint:

The midpoint of the Monday range (mondayMidRange) is calculated using the highest and lowest price levels of the Monday range.

***Fibonacci Levels:
// Calculate Fibonacci levels
fib272 = nextMondayHigh + 0.272 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fib414 = nextMondayHigh + 0.414 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fib500 = nextMondayHigh + 0.5 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fib618 = nextMondayHigh + 0.618 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fibNegative272 = nextMondayLow - 0.272 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fibNegative414 = nextMondayLow - 0.414 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fibNegative500 = nextMondayLow - 0.5 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fibNegative618 = nextMondayLow - 0.618 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fibNegative1 = nextMondayLow - 1 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)
fib2 = nextMondayHigh + 1 * (nextMondayHigh - nextMondayLow)

***Fibonacci levels are calculated using the highest and lowest price levels of the Monday range.
Common Fibonacci ratios such as 0.272, 0.414, 0.50, and 0.618 represent deviation levels of the Monday range.
Additionally, the levels are completed with -1 and +1 to determine at which level the price is within the weekly swing.

***Visualization on the Chart:

The Monday range, midpoint, Fibonacci levels, and other components are displayed on the chart using appropriate shapes and colors.
The indicator provides a visual representation of the Monday range and Fibonacci levels using lines, circles, and other graphical elements.

***Strategy and Usage:

The Monday range represents the starting point of the weekly price movement. This range plays an important role in determining weekly support and resistance levels.
Fibonacci levels are used to identify potential reaction zones and trend reversals. These levels indicate where the price may encounter support or resistance.
You can use the indicator in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and indicators to conduct a more comprehensive analysis. For example, combining it with trendlines, moving averages, or oscillators can enhance the accuracy.
When making investment decisions, it is important to combine the information provided by the indicator with other analysis methods and use risk management strategies.
Thank you in advance for your likes, follows, and comments. If you have any questions, feel free to ask."

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