Depth Multiple Time Frame

The price always returns to the average !!!

An important separation of the price with respect to an average, indicates a depth and generally generates a reversion or correction in the trend. Depth detection is a simple and very powerful technique, it is widely used for scalping and pyramid operations, this indicator detects depth in 7 time frames, everything is configurable independently, simultaneous detection of depth in several time frames increases The chances of success in the operation. I personally like pyramidization and it is one of the tools I use to detect depth to average the price of my operations.

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Any chance to add an alert whenever depth is detected?
Thank You
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Dreadblitz RwTrades
@RwTrades, hello how are you, if possible, in a spare time I add it, greetings
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Hi, can i use this on a 4hr chart with the default settings? thanks !!
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Dreadblitz Carl2021111
@Carl2021111, hi, if you can use it in 4 hours, just set it to be the lowest time frame and the other higher ones, greetings
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Carl2021111 Dreadblitz
@Dreadblitz, thanks mate !
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MarxBabu Carl2021111
@Carl2021111, very good one chart
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Any way to change or include the newly added/improved vwap as an option?
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Dreadblitz Uni_ve12se
@Uni_ve12se, Hello, I will try to add it this weekend, regards
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May I know what is the logic for calculating depth ?
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Thank you very much. Great work. So tempting to get rid of the remaining stuff on the screen.
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