Liquidations by volume (TG fork)

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Shows actual liquidations on a per-candle basis by using the difference in volume between spot and futures markets.
i.e. volume on a futures market will be much higher if there are many liquidations.

By default, green represents short liquidations (hence a bullish move, hence why it's green), whereas red is for long liquidations (bearish move). The colors can be changed in the settings if you prefer an inverted theme.

Long liquidation data should in theory be more accurate than short liquidation data due to the inability to short on a spot market.
This indicator should be able to help identify trends by determining liquidation points in the chart.

Extended by Tartigradia to automatically detect the symbol (only for crypto assets found on Binance with a USDTPERP pair, so it works for ETH, BNB, etc) and add multi-timeframe support (MTF).

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Phát hành các Ghi chú:
* Now support tickers with symbols that are longer than 3 characters (eg, SAND, etc.) by autodetecting where "USD" is located in the string. In exchange for this improvement, tickers that do not include "USD" in their string won't allow to display volumes (eg, ETHBTC), but anyway this was a mistake (because it did not represent the volumes of the non-USD ticker). Thanks to hamiissah for the suggestion and sharing some source code (that ended up not being used but the idea was recycled!).
* Reorder input parameters in neat groups.
* Clarify some input parameters purposes (titles, tooltips).
* Add option to always use Binance exchange as the data source, to avoid the risk that the exchange gets silently swapped in the background.
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
* Ticker autodetection now also works on composite tickers (eg, BINANCE:BTCUSD+KRAKEN:BTCUSD)/2 ). The first symbol will be extracted and used, so if the composite ticker is not a simple average of the same symbol across multiple exchanges, obviously the liquidations will be wrong, but anyway there is no source of data for liquidations over composite tickers by definition. To do that, a regular expression pattern matching was implemented to cleanup the input tickerid.
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
* Improve visibility and scaling by converting the label into a table, which does not impact viewport scaling (ie, content is now shown bigger).
* Add tooltips for some options.
* Always show spot and futures volumes in the status bar, even if their visualizations as lines are disabled.
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
* Add clarifications of instructions and limitations:

This indicator can approximate the amount of liquidations (ie, bars where there were a lot more liquidations than others) from the difference between futures and spot, but it cannot distinguish the proportion of shorts versus longs liquidations, it is instead approximated with the current price bar's color, which naturally suggests where the majority of liquidations happened (ie, if a price bar closes above open and hence in green, then we can suppose that a majority of liquiditations were on shorts, since we know longs won). This explains why there is only one liquidation bar but colored, and not two, since we cannot separate longs or shorts liquidations.
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