The Fearless Power Suite system

Dear TradingView community and followers,

Through my years I have often seen trading systems with many functionalities or indicators that can be customized in numerous ways; however I wanted something that could stomach most trading contexts without having to change settings while allowing me to have the freedom of a clean chart to keep using discretionary trading as confluence.

Using a complex combination of bullish / bearish technical breakouts (looking at general market structure while combining candlestick patterns, exponential moving averages and various indicators that indicate new trends), the aim of this system is to catch safe breakouts and at the same time notify the user of fake outs and unfavorable market conditions.

Settings to be used:
The following settings are to be used; the Fearless Power Suite system (FPS) is based on candlestick closes to correctly identify market conditions and patterns. It is not recommended to change them because waiting for candlestick closes in my opinion adds extra “confirmation” for decision taking.
Len: 14
Source_input: Close
Start: 0.02
Increment: 0.02
Max value: 0.2

How to use the system:
General context: Bias formation for directional trading is formed by looking at the general market structure which in this case is primarily created by looking at the cloud formed by the 2 moving averages. “The cloud” is referred as the space within the 2 moving averages.

One of the lines is the 21 EMA (which is my favorite classical EMA ) and a “Super MA” formed by a simple mathematical equation. This allows the trader to always keep an eye on key support and resistance levels and optimize entries by entering at these given levels. The 21 EMA is a must in my opinion to enter bounces within a trend or very aggressive entries while the “Super MA” is rather to find extreme points for market reversals.

Top and bottom warning: Indicators signaling potential bottoms or tops already exist but the warning often comes only after a certain breakdown/breakup already happening but rarely on the candlestick itself.
Example: To give you a bearish signal, indicators often give you a signal on an engulfing red candlestick that follows a smaller green candlestick because it shows weakness, but rarely do you see this warning made on the green candlestick itself! Of course, it’s a signal given with less confirmation but to take partial profit on your trades it is quite effective.

Market structure breakout signals: Taking into account the general structure of the market (trending/ranging) as a result of using volatility and volume as key indicators of this complicated mix, trade signals are often given when it is considered “safe” to enter. The beauty of this, which is decently rare from what I’ve seen, is that during choppy conditions (which are not recommended to be traded) the trader will get fewer signals than usually. This is doable thanks to the volume and volatility monitoring.

The aim of these structure breakout signals is to reduce market noise and only highlight key moments of the market when you should pay attention. The candlestick formations which will create these signals will always have a certain importance from a market structure perspective and so a SL can easily be found at all times when entering during that time.

No trade zones: As previously mentioned one of the features of this system is to notify the trader in case of bad context. 2 different signals might come up “No long” or “No short” which means that from a statistical perspective it is highly recommended not to take a long or short entry in that given signal to avoid disastrous trades.

The “No long”/”No short” function of the system primarily uses Daily Range data which will continue to change during the day until the daily close, information such as Daily Low and Daily High will thus evolve. This means that sometimes this part of the FPS system will repaint but it’s not a common occurrence. This function is mainly used to reduce your current risk in case you are in a trade or to not enter any position, but not a signal for entry on its own.

Concepts combination:
This system will give you a decent amount of trade opportunities, I strongly advice you nevertheless to always find confluence in your decision making with discretionary trading as well if possible. Patience is key as always. Here is a small list of trade combinations to be used to improve results.

Example 1: Entering a position when getting a market breakout signal given after seeing a top or bottom warning on your chart. This is what we could call a “double confirmation”.

Example 2: Using the “Super MA” considered as extreme value for market reversals in a certain timeframe (15minutes for this example) while also looking at the above timeframe (1 hour in this example) for the 21EMA to be situated at the same level for a trending bounce and thus again getting a double confirmation. (Because both timeframes expected a reaction from that level). Seek a market structure breakout signal on the 15 minutes to get even more confirmation and a pre-made Stop Loss.

Although the signals are all created following a strict amount of technical rules not all should be taken. It is the trader’s duty to always find confluence to improve long term results. This is not a “magical bot”; I firmly believe that the best combination in trading comes from new technologies and using human intelligence.

When the Fearless Power Suite system (FPS) is used on a chart where volume data is not available not all functions will be available as volume data is taken into serious consideration for entries and trend following signals. General market structure and part of the FPS system will still be available nonetheless.

PS: The FPS works for every market and every timeframe, I personally mainly use it on cryptocurrencies (and on the SP500 and DXY for added confirmation to get a general grasp of market context).

I hope this description was useful enough :)

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