Stoch-RSI 4h/1h/15min

!!!! Note: Run this on the 15min timeframe (Important) !!!!
Note the default settings on this indicator are best for BTC /USDT. For other pairs it might take some fiddling with variables to get a useful result (if a useful result is obtainable with the selected pair)
Generally, select between the options ( RSI / Stoch ) and (15min/1hour) and (1hour/4hours) - to find a strategy backtest result that is worth considering.

Only long positions are considered here (I tried shorts but could not get a credible backtest result with this approach).

This is an indicator which looks at RSI and StochRSI on the 15min, 1hour and 4hour timeframe.

The user can select a 15min/1hour option ( RSI / Stoch ) and then also a 1hour/4hour option ( RSI / Stoch ).

So there is one selection from a lower (15min/1hour) timeframe and another selection from a longer (1hour/4hour) timeframe.

The general idea is to, consider buying when, the lower timeframe ( RSI / Stoch ) is going upwards and also the longer timeframe ( RSI / Stoch ) is going upwards.

A good backtest result would suggest that the confluence in RSI / Stoch over the shorter and longer timeframes can estimate a good time to buy.

(Careful with a 1hour Stoch for the shorter timeframe variable as its possible to also select a 1hour Stoch for the longer timeframe variable.)

There are user set variables that can be set to avoid a buy signal, if either the lower or high timeframe variables are greater than.
For example, buying when a rsi / stoch is >65% might not be advisable as the rsi / stoch is most probably due for a downswing when above this value.

The strategy closes a position when either the shorter or longer timeframe variables no longer are going up.

There is also a take profit % which can be set to exit trades at a given %.

The default values on this indicator tool are for bitcoin , which shows a reasonable backtest result. - worth sharing on tradingview.

Please do get in touch for any additional information/suggestions.

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