[FT] ADX-Multi-TF by FractalTrader

Average Directional Index is a way to determine trend strength (and whether there is a trend). One of the caveats is when you have trendless conditions on a higher timeframe. You can get whipsaw conditions on the current timeframe in that case.

The purpose of this script is to put ADX into the context of a higher degree trend on a single indicator.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: See original post and comments for more details. Updated version has a new visual style. I'm playing with showing trend strength like a heatmap. The lines are now area style. Some may like the more traditional view better, we'll see. I've also tweaked some of the upper timeframe calculation.
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@FractalTrader Could you explain how this one works? It is reversing in SURPRISINGLY EXCELLENT spots, but sometimes reverse down means GoLong and sometimes in means GoShort.
1. What does "Upper ADX" line mean?
2. How do I define which higher resolution I want to see?

Thanks! Awesome work!
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hi , i found this one a bit difrent then other ones can u please explain it a bit? like whats the higher adx ? also i like to see D1 adx DI on H4 chart , is it possible?
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