Trend Surfers - Premium Breakout + Alerts

Trend Surfers - Premium Breakout Strategy with Alerts

I am happy today to release the first free Trend Surfers complete Breakout Strategy!

The strategy includes:
  • Entry for Long and Short
  • Stoploss
  • Position Size
  • Exit Signal
  • Risk Management Feature

How the strategy works
This is a Trend Following strategy. The strategy will have drawdowns, but they will be way smaller than what you would go through with buy and old.

As a Trend Following strategy, we will buy on strength, when a breakout occurs. And sell on weakness.
The strategy includes a FIX Stoploss determined by an ATR multiple and a trailing Stoploss/Takeprofit also determined by an ATR multiple.

You can also manage your risk by entering the maximum % you are willing to risk on every trade. Additionally, there is an option to enter how many pairs you will be trading with the strategy. This will change your position size in order to make sure that you have enough funds to trade all your favorite pairs.

Use the strategy with alerts
This strategy is alert-ready. All you have to do is:
  • Go on a pair you would like to trade
  • Create an alert
  • Select the strategy as a Trigger
  • Wait for new orders to be sent to you

Every Entry (Long/Short) will include:
  • Market Entry (Enter position NOW!)
  • Stoploss price
  • Position Size
  • Leverage

* If you do not wish to use leverage, you can multiply the Position Size by the Leverage. But doing that, you might end up with a position greater than your equity. Trading on Futures is better in order to have accurate risk management.

Exit signals:
When you receive an exit signal, you need to close the position ASAP . If you want to keep your results as close as possible to the backtest results, you need to execute quickly and follow what the strategy is telling you.

Do not try to outsmart the strategy
Leave your emotion out of trading! If you trust the strategy, you will have way better returns than if you try to outsmart it. Follow each signal you receive even if it doesn't seem logical at the moment.

Become a machine that executes. Don't look at fundamentals. Follow the trend! Trust the strategy!

I hope you enjoy it!
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Updated alert_message for exiting short positions.

Thanks @hypercrush1
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Bình luận

Hi, thank you for this great job. Could you add the alerts on chart for every condition? Or is there any way to let DCA bot know these commands?
+2 Phản hồi
TrendSurfersSignals mehmetozturk97
@mehmetozturk97, Hi! Thank you!

I am not sure of what you would like? I wouldn't suggest averaging down, this strategy would probably work better by averaging up at every new breakout..

The code is open source if you want to give it a try, or you can explain it to me, but I am currently working on another strategy so it might take a little time.
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mehmetozturk97 TrendSurfersSignals
@TrendSurfersSignals, Thank you for your time and your answer!

I mean, Can I send the commands(Long, L Stop, Short, S Stop) that occur in this strategy to the bot I use using webhook? If we could set a separate alarm for each command on Tradingview, I guess that could happen.
Phản hồi
TrendSurfersSignals mehmetozturk97
@mehmetozturk97, yes, you will only need 1 alert to do this.

Check this post, i explain how:
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@TrendSurfersSignals Great script. Thanks for sharing. One thing tho: shouldn't you use exit_short_message instead of exit_long_message for the second clause (if (strategy.position_size < 0)) ?
Phản hồi
@THE_REAL_BCT, you are right. I just updated it. Thanks!
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Hello, I am testing this script is it still profitable? Appears to be quite complex and interesting
Phản hồi
@progitalia, I am not trading with it, I have other strategies that I use. But yes, it should still be profitable. I would suggest to backtest different setting and timeframe to find what best suit your needs.
Phản hồi
Changing Position Size it has no effect on result
Phản hồi
@rambo6, No, because there is a risk management feature in the script. You will need to change the risk % in the script option not the position size.
+1 Phản hồi