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Dear Friends!

So 6,000 USD is still the most likely scenario. I've tried here on this chart to illustrate how, classical charting (Head And Shoulder, wedges , channels, pennants , flags, tunnels etc.) and Elliott Waves works together.

As you can see, it looks like we are having a small ABC-correction. I told yesterday in our Private Forum, that IF we went passed 7,200 and above 7,300 USD we could get long, because a new 1-5 Elliott Wave structure, could be in the making. And we could probably easy go to 7,800 USD because of clearance.

But as you can see it seems like our 1-5 EW Structure has collapsed, and it looks more like a smaller ABC-correction. We can therefore now expect a 1-5 down correction. We will have huge support at 5,900-6,100 USD ( double bottom ), so one of the waves might be truncated.

Everything also seems to match classical charting if this 6k-scenario is the case. As you can see we are trapped inside a big bear flag , and inside that one, we have a smaller bear flag (dotted lines).

D4 Hates You - April Fools - haha ha.... :(

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Bình luận: There are many ways of showing the same thing. The correlation between patterns and Elliott Waves. Right now we are still going down.

A weak broken shoulder normally predicts a steep downtrend. I've used Trendbased Fibonacci Extension Tool to predict the waves. Support levels (blue dotted lines) and lack of support levels are in my equation.

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Bình luận: So as predicted we are falling. Steep downtrend!

Bình luận: When everything is in harmony. Patterns, waves. I adjusted the new 3rd Elliott Subway.

Bình luận: 6,560 USD now! Still going down. Follow the Elliott Waves beautifully :)

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Bình luận: 6,480 USD - Are you ready to put some buy orders around 6,150 to 5,900 USD??

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Bình luận: BOOM - So our 5 down-correction is done, and we will now most likely see an ABC correction.

But what a bounce. 6,400 USD to 6,800 USD in NO TIME. This doesn't change anything so far though.

We still have to go through 7,200 USD before it will ruin this scenario.

I will follow up on this later <3

Bình luận: Very steep uptrend followed by a pennant, is a bullish sign, and we are about to go higher. We have resistance at 61,8 retrace, and also on RSI.

If we take a look at the Volume Profile, we have gone from a HVN (High Volume Node) and 61,8 % retrace and 78,6 retrace is a LVN (Low Volume Node), so we should expect to see a reversal there.

I will follow up on this later. It's quite interesting - please give a like <3

Bình luận: Watch out for Hidden Bearish Divergence on the 4h Chart. As you can see, the price is making lower highs, but the RSI is making higher highs.

It's a continuation pattern, and it normally predicts we will continue our downtrend.

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I also see this i was waiting for it to hit 7249.00 and if it kept going it was a buy hit I now see it dropping to 6k or less looks like it’s time to secure a bag on a sell
Phản hồi
Until the trendline is broken to the downside this is not finished dropping, its going to $3000 to $2000.
+1 Phản hồi
Phản hồi
Trying to find a explanation for what has happened. I think we all were focusing too much on that February low, but if you zoom out to monthly timeframe, you can see that strong support at the 6440 level.
Plus the Target of the HS on the hourly correlated with the monthly support just perfectly.
Phản hồi
If it is not Adam-Eve pattern, crypto currencies are done, finished, killed by chosen nation.
+2 Phản hồi
The5amkebab stasiek87
Phản hồi
shadowbladers stasiek87
@stasiek87 No, lol.
Phản hồi
@D4rkEnergY Why does higher RSI while making lower lows mean a continuation bearish? I thought a higher RSI while price is trying to go lower meant that strength is returning?
+7 Phản hồi
TheCryptoBlend JayJawsChen
@JayJawsChen, its because bulls are exhausting their strength and only getting lower highs, so they keep losing the battle in other words even though they are trying harder.
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