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Warning-unsustainable price of Bitcoin-drop below 5.000 $

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Regardless it rebounced from 6.000 level and regained 2500 in value, Bitcoin             showed many sign of weakness so far,
on the first place after rebouncing from 9300 back to 11,700 none of the candles weren't closed near that price (prices were closed at 11.000 level, that means he can not pressure that price range trying to form his price on higher level, because, on the first place, things were downtrending back then while rebouncing in a chanel (9300-11700) as they are now.

When Bitcoin             needed to show strenght and confidence (in a scenario of healthy rebounce from 8200 level that did not happend, it just continued to drop further IGNORING 8000 level and going easy to 6000 level which is one more sign of serious weaknes at this point, therefore, my opinion is that Bitcoin             will continue to drop further even below 5000 level. Do not be suprised if you see price of Bitcoin             around 3000 level (let's say) 10 days from now (we are just speculating, it's my personal opinion).

Anyway, having in mind that Bitcoin             is worth over 8000 now, common sense says that this main support (8200 level) could possibly "hold" above this value for a couple more days (while rebouncing over 8000 level).
If manages to handle so, Bitcoin             will "let" your altcoin to grow stronger over Bitcoin             (if remains stable on 8000 level), but
you should remember that 8200 level has been TESTED and FAILED TO HOLD in the moments when Bitcoin             had downtrend to all the way down to 6000 level.
Considering it was healthy rebounce, it may hold on there levels for a couple of more days, but it will certanly continue to drop further.
Think about buyback around 3000 level, not now, don't let your self sink with Bitcoin             4th time in a row.
This could possibly be the good timing for altcoins as stated earlier, but this Bitcoin             is "unhealthy" and it could drop any time soon (we are speculating, but it doesn't seems reliable at all) as we speak.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: BItcoin is trying to maintain value, trying to rebounce in a channel (7800-8400) level.
I'm aware that people are celebrating and talking about some big return of Bitcoin.
I dont think that's gonna happend, (even if it regains value on some higher level, i personally dont think that is going to happend), we will see, i doubt.

This Bitcoin is still unhealthy, it just sinks to 6.000 level and regains value, that was healthy rebounce, i agree, but, it's still very unstable, it could maintain value in described so called "channel", but it will imminently fall to lower levels.
5400 level would be next Bitcoin price, then it could regain value and restore on some higher levels (7400-7500), but after that level, my opinion is that is going to 3000 level.
I will update analysis when needed, but from this point, we should pay attention when Bitcoin will brake lower trend and continue with downtrend.
Remember, downtrend hasn't finished yet, regardless how nice picture looks like, because, Bitcoin needs to sink on the first place, so it can build HEALTHY price further on.
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It broke your support! do we buy?
Phản hồi
8k5 support seems to break. What do you think about it ?
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Right now BTC is bouncing off 50 EMA resistance @ 8379 (Coinbase). Convert your candles to a 4hr line chart and things show a pretty clear down trend inside a bear channel.
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Good to see other approach to this, as the current ones I have seen were generally (overly) positive.
Personally I see the $6k as the bottom and I expect it to bounce around the $6 to $8 region each time slowly shrinking the oscillation. Sort of like we had in the last week of January.
Finally, it will change the trend to up. Thanks for sharing.
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This is the first time I hear someone mentioning a drop to $3k. Most seem to think that $5k will see a massive rebound, some even think we've already bottomed at $5.8k. When you say "downtrend hasnt finished yet", what indication will it be for you to say that the downtrend has finished? I don't suppose we will continue to go down forever? Anyway, well done for being one of the few traders who correctly predicted the drop to $6k.
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milanjelic zahasman
@zahasman, Actually, i was the one predicting drop from 18k to stable 12k on December 18h, i just didn't updated that analysis as situation " developed".
In the meantime i started to update Bitcoin only, cause he was the one "crashing entire market".
It doesnt matter which price is it (yes, it dropped from 18.000 level to 6000 level
Downtrend didn't finished yet, that's true, but like anything else can grow forever (Bitcoin was moving parabolicaly ).
When downtrend finishes, you will now, dont afraid of FOMO, don't follow the crowd.
Bears make money,
Bull make money,
Pigs get slaughtered (a friend of mine told that)
Good luck
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BTC riding on Nasdaqs movements,,,,, lot of following in crypto land. Follow the money,
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Nice point of view. I'm not so confortable about this rebound. We can read "Moon" every where while 3 days before it was "this the end of the world". If minds can be blowed so easely it's that the support is not as solid as pple think it is.
Variation of price are harsh + asian market don t seem to be so confortable.

If this downtrend scenario happen (btc at 3k) don't you think it will take months to recover (like what happened in the 2014 bubble ? Or big investors / officials will make the game different this time ?
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