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ETHer-Accelertation to ALL-TIME Perfect AB=CD

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ

I AM CALLING IT NOW! ETHUSD will bust the Bearish Bat target at 380 and explode to fulfill the PERFECT AB=CD on the WEEKLY chart @ 550 by year's end!
Time and structure show the perfect symmetry for a 30 week CD leg time limit while the 1.618BC extension and AB=CD completion define the target.
In my "Harmonic Trading Volume 1" book, I outlined the perfect patterns that are comprised of primary harmonic ratios that represent ideal alignments.
ETHUSD has been on fire and is close to the completion of the Bearish Bat @ 380 that I have outlined over the past several weeks.
The strength of the price action and the current state of the RSI readings tell us something much bigger is brewing here.
BTCUSD proving to be a phenom and ETHUSD + LTCUSD are not to be ignored either.
Stay Harmonic!
Can you get targets at $800+?
I'd be careful with fading this trend, I guess you could long that CD.
Do you factor in the scale? Log scale would give you better accuracy with your targets I'm pretty sure.
A few examples of the methodology I employ:

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Now you are predicting a strong correction in BTC. What will be the impact on ETH ? will it gain on that?
Phản hồi
Double top and strong correction ahead for now...
Phản hồi
You are my hero but you have mistake on that. 380-390$ must be PRZ for both pattern which are Gartley & Cyper. There is good symmetry. We will see :)
Phản hồi
ScottCarney XryptoWolfe
@mefk, thx my friend. 380 PRZ was initial Bat target where WE WILL SEE SOME CONSOLIDATION - a HARMONIC PAUSE - but the larger relationships clearly point to new all-time highs with this MONSTER AB=CD to hit 550 by January.
Phản hồi
XryptoWolfe ScottCarney
@ScottCarney, Do you think its same for bitcoin. Because Shark pattern catch the bitcoin in same time with ether. Thx Hero you are the best.
Phản hồi
XryptoWolfe XryptoWolfe
@mefk, You are great teacher on trading Sir Carney :) Ether made that Bat pattern and fall. After that correction i guess it will follow you chart for All time highs. Thx for knowlegde.
Phản hồi
Thanks Scott you are the best!!,I closely followed your ethereum 302 target and 385 ,All bang on.I am looking to buy more ether.Can you suggest any suitable price for entry.
Thanks Again.
Phản hồi
ScottCarney abid1986
Phản hồi
@abid1986, just buy... lol
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