Ethereum Entry Levels for Buy

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Let's think about possible entry levels using MA indicators and support levels. We can see how the market moves to the possible reversal levels. DMI indicator shows trend market conditions but ADX line falls and it tells us that we should not expect strong up movement within several days. MACD also confirms down movement. RSI falls to the oversold zone and we will be able to get a strong reversal signal. So, we have a good correction movement and out target should be to wait for price reversal in the direction of the main up trend. Buying zones can be near 260.00 level, MA50 line, 200.00 level and MA100 as a support line too. The main thing is - price must bounce from one of these levels and MACD histogram and RSI will have to confirm price reversal. Only after that we'll have to buy based on trading signals from the daily and hourly charts.

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So, now we observed two strong rebounds from the support level at 200, and we can also see that the price was relatively stable at this price at the end of may. Also because we are now strongly in the oversold line, this suggests the reversal right?
Thanks for your professional comments and ideas!
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Thank you very much for your time and effort... this is very enlightening and educational process...
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DLavrov TOP CashflowAllan
@CashflowAllan, I will do the best for providing more interesting stuff
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Great post with great patient explinations, with good intention and it is free I have been watching you for a while some people can enjoy through helping others, that is gift i am amazed Thank you, appreciated!
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@juret, thank you too )
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Great analysis, better substantiated than others that forecast a dip near 160... i have a question though, hourly EWO shows a possible reversal, but daily EWO shows exactly the opposite, by now it's starting breaking 270s, do you have any updates??
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Though I'm new at technical analysis, I appreciate your chart. I'm in ETH for the longer haul.
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From where are you guys trading? Directly on the exchange or through an api. i am trying out Coinigy and i am liking a lot better that on poloniex directly although i am trading through coinigy on it. i don't have to refresh all the time or miss out on an opportunity because of the slow responds from Poloniex.
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Thank you very much. I always like and follow your ideas, but never comment.
Today I need to thank you ;-)
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The fall of the bitcoin is far from finished, personally I remain behind the altcoin, as soon as the BTC will continue its fall towards the 1800, the alcoins will follow, so do not be surprised.
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