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LTC buy & HODL: a few good days of buying before the climb

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
With the crypto market being so red right now, short of an announcement I don't think there is any place for Litecoin to go right now but DOWN. But of all the coins out there, I don't think there is any coin with as many (LOYAL) people holding and waiting than the @satoshilite fans.

If you are like me, you aren't worried, you are asking "How can I add more LTC to my portfolio?"

There will be a ton of support for this coin below $150. That said, it could stutter a while longer in this pendant-like flag and head south of 150. As a worst-case scenario it will drop below 125-130 and hit an absolute low of 100. (This could be a best case scenario if unlike me you have a budget to buy more coins.) But if volume spikes get in fast before the moon shot.

How low will it go? What's your next buy at? And just for fun, how high is the moonshot candle going to go? :)
Bình luận: 4 'FLAT' days... I have no idea which way this coin is going, but here is a thought: Doubt it will go down much lower, I think the last few days 'should have been' a dip but the support is higher than is should be. I also think it might stay in this pattern if there isn't any news.

HODL HODL HODL. Plain and simple, everywhere you turn, you are told to HODL your LITEs. So, it drops below 170, and what do people do? Buy more to HODL.

I'm starting to believe this coin will be 'FLAT' until there is some kind of news. Until then, no one will do anything... except buy if it drops below 170... and HODL. Rinse and repeat.

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I have three orders spaced out between 150 and 120 more weighted towards the bottom of that range. I didn't want to be too greedy and miss out on a bargain BC it will spring and then I might not have time to scoop it up by entering orders especially if it happens in the night.
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Baj1 cprime
@cprime, Wondering if it will hit 120? I keep bouncing between around 125-30, or all the way down to 100? I can't get to a bank for another 8 hrs, so happy to see it struggle for the day. :)
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@Baj1, if it doesnt get to 120, i still may have an opportunity to get it at 145-155. unless it happens while i sleep! right now its back up to 180's so i dont think today is the day....still think it will happen though.
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Indeed thanks,wanna enter to load more but still confused,to be honest im greedy want more lol
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