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#Litecoin - From The Guy Who Called #Bitcoin Under 2.68

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Around 7 yrs ago when Bitcoin was under 3 dollar- I told people that I thought it would go 1000+, at the point people thought I was crazy.
What is CRAZY is if ... If you were lucky enough to head my long term thesis on Bitcoin you are doing extremely well.
For example 500 coins at 3 would of been about a $1500 investment, that investment as I write this with Bitcoin being 5600 would now be worth around $3 Mil dollars
Opportunity Knocks Again I feel right now with Litecoin, still under a $100 to be extremely undervalued and in the years to come could mimic the move Bitcoin has made.
Litecoin beats to its own drum and is actually faster then bitcoin transactions but it also shares a valuable reltionship with Bitcoin in compatiability. Bitcoin being the most recognized and first crypto currency bodes well for Litecoin being able to share some of the strides bitcoin created for example with merchant acceptance. With Bitcoin suited more as an asset, Litecoin is better suited because of it speed and low fees to handle every day transactions. People get caught up in these 2 use cases as an asset or as a currency, but the real growth I believe for Litecoin will come from many other use cases.
Not Just A Currency Or An Asset
#Litecoin was the first to implement Segwit which was the first building block to unleashing the Lightning Network #LN
Litecoin (#LTC) has allready begun to test Lightning on the test net and its official launch should be the tigger for a increase in LTC price and would expect a breakout of its past highs in the 98 area. Once LTC breaks the phsychological price barrier of 100, i think it will finally get the price discovery and love it deserves.
With only 84 mil LTC to ever be issued its current price 58.52 gives it a market cap $3,122 Bil with 53,355,557 LTC in circulation
With #LN rolled out and as people discover #Litecoin is technically superior to competitors such as #Ethereum (which has a current market cap of 32 Bil and a supply of 95 Mil and No limit to how many coins can be produced)
With #LN comes a plethera of new use cases for #Litecoin from smart contracts, confidential transactions, to atomic swaps, to a new generation of Litecoin Apps (#LAPPS)
I see no reason why with the release of #LN (lightningnetwork) on Litecoin that it's market cap should not be in the area of 30 -200 Bil + in time
Assume Example all 84 mil LTC in Circulation priced at 1000 would be a 84 bil market cap
Now i think once #LN rolls out first on LTC it will eventually be adopted by Bitcoin as i mentioned above compatiability. However I think #LTC network and platform will be better suited to handle many of the apps that rely on the need to process high volumes of transactions with less fees and #Litecoin provides that. As i stated before currently it makes more sense to use #Litecoin because fees are lower the Bitcoin currently.
I believe, we will start to see things start very soon here with #LN on Litecoin first and seem some game changing #Lapps to be rolled out before year end and into 2018
Another Strong reason Im bullish on #Litecoin and #Bitcoin goes back to the compatability, Litecoin and Bitcoin have the strongest communities of users and developers so work that is created could benefit both ecoystems with a few minor tweaks ( Example merchant services, merchants who allready accept bitcoin with a simple tweek can accept Litecoin) (Or Confidential Transactions with #LN on Litecoin can be then implemented on Bitcoin )
In the future some apps might make more sense to be use with Litecoin some might be better suited for Bitcoin we will have to see... I think Litecoin can march to it own drum and I think 2018 people will start to discover how undervalued it currently is. Hence why I think it has the best chance for price appreciation to come close to mimicing the call of when #Bitcoin was under 3
@TheNvsibleHand twitter

Bình luận: #Litecoin Now - From the Guy who Called #Bitcoin under 2.68
Bình luận: Disclaimer- I am not a writer. So sorry in advance if you don't like writing style or grammar. I m a writing this in hopes it helps the community and good people around the world free them selves of the shackles of debt slavery. The same reasons i shared my thoughts on #Bitcoin all those years back. It makes me happy to know those thoughts have helped so many. The purpose of life to me is to live a life full of purpose. Helping your brothers and sisters along the way is always rewarding. So for the people who didn't read my thoughts on #Bitcoin back then. #Litecoin is your chance, if you could go back in time and buy #Bitcoin at 70 would you? I think we all know the answer to that... Do your own research and I hope what im trying to convey comes off and resonates with you. Good Luck and please pay it forward to not just to your loved ones, but also to random strangers..

#Litecoin - is the best opportunity for investors right now because the current price is extremely undervalued to ever improving fundamentals and it's key role in the #BTC/#LTC eco-system. These are still the early innings for this new sector and there are stiil many people not knowledgeable about the space, which is leading to a huge opportunity for savy investors. #Bitcoin is now approaching 10000 on its way in 2018 to maybe 25000+, #BTC was the first has the brand recognition as the sector leader. #Litecoin is still relatively undiscovered and trading under 100, but when we look at the fundamentals of #LTC, we see ever increase adoption, use, and merchant acceptance.

It important to note that the market doesn't always instaneously factor true valuation, espeacially in a new sector that is just starting to be understood. Price discovery takes time. However, this is where opportunity lies for investors who can benefit from the current market pricing disconnect.

I am not writing a book here, but will give just a few reasons why #LTC is the best opportunity in the whole cryptosphere. I wont go into detail on how its robust community, dev, and its value as a leader in the emerging #Bitcoin #Litecoin #LN ecosystem justifies a higer current price . ( Even though these might be the main reasons in future for the case of #Litecoin 10000+, I am going to focus on why today it's price should be much higher) It's is however important to remember that without #Litecoin innovation #Bitcoin would not be where it is today, the eco-system is just starting. The compatability of #BTC and #LTC is a benefit to both.
* Remember #Litecoin was the first to implement Segwit
* Remember #Litecoin was the first to do a LightningNetwork (#LN) transaction -#LTC - lightning fast took about 1 second.
*Remember #Litecoin first to do an #ATOMIC
* Confidential Transactions #CT yet to be determined if will happen first on #Litecoin or #Bitcoin but will be a huge benefit to both and the eco-system

The point is #LTC has a huge benefit with its symbiotic relationship with #Bitcoin and its role as a innovator in the eco-system that is not currently factored into its price.
Bình luận: Value Prop
1. TRANSACTION VOL> When looking at the current on chain transaction volume of #LTC vs #BTC we see that #Litecoin runs over 10% of #Bitcoins on chain volume and steadily growing. So one might argue, then if #BTC is 10000 that Litecoin price should be 1000 or ever 10x from where it is trading today.

2. CAPITAL STRUCTURE - 4-1 ration Going forward apples to apples which it wont be, because i expect #LTC to be better suited for other uses cases with #LN , but based on structure 21 Mil VS 84 mil - you would get a 1/4th valuation. So #Bitcoin 10000, Litecoin price should be 2500 or ever 25x from where it is trading today.

3. Value relative other coins that are not compatiable to the eco-system.
There are many coins that are barely being used, do not have the infastrucure the #BTC-#LTC ecosytem have, and are technically inferior to #LTC, that currently have a higher market cap. Once again, market illusions and disconnects.

Lets take a quick look #BCASH and #BGOLD both are showing are higher Market Cap and price then #Litecoin. To the naive or new investor this can be quite confusing because they basically got their value from trying to co-opt the Bitcoin brand with hard forks. #BCASH -Through market manipulation by a few bad actors its very easy for them to to manipulate price by controlling the float and playing tennis passing tokens back and forth to eachother. The whole reason #Bitcoin was born out of the last financial was for individuals to be their own bank and not rely on corporations or banking cartels for own economic freedom. #BCASH simply is a technilogically flawed rip off of bitcoin : a centralized corporate attempt to steal the bitcoin brand by a few individuals and the corps they represent. It will not be part of the ecosystem upgrades, lacks community support, infastructure and ultimately will fail. No matter how much deceptive advertising they use or if they pump price, it will never change the fact that its just a shitty ALT COIN. #Litecoin price is lower then #BCASH for some of the reasons mentioned above, but its not based on anything other then manipulation. It's inferior in the payments use case to #Litecoin as #Litecoin has lowert fees and quickest transaction times So if #BCASH is trading over 1500 #Litecoin should trading well over that.

Like i said, not wrting a book here, won't go over the reasons why #Ethereum is also technically flawed platform, countless security vulnerabilities, or how the advent of scam #ICOS and corporate entities and ignorance have helped pump its price. The main point is #Litecoin is far superior to all these altcoins so price should be much higher. In the end fundamentals and price discovery will trump all others. Many of these coins will die, just like the 100's of car companies that once existed a 100 yrs ago, but the #Bitcoin and #Litecoin eco-system will be sector leaders going forward . Just a few reasons why I think #LTC is one of the best opportunitis for investors globably for the long run. #HODL

To stay up on #Litecoin Developments and news on twitter follow
Just a note #LTC made a new high today over 420 .. I am not always on tradeview but feel free to hit me up on twitter and have a great holiday all

@TheNvsibleHand on twitter Merry #Cryptmas
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can you explain how Litecoin is technically superior to Ethereum?
Surely Ethereum has much more development?
Phản hồi
@alexb123, The best analogy i can use in laymans terms is building a house on a cracked foundation and then using rotten wood. Are you familar with the history of security vulnerabilities right down to the code base? You see unlike #Bitcoin #Litecoin Development #ETH development was rushed as a result of vulnerabilities. They can continue to keep trying to soft fork or hard fork itself these vulnerabilities, but the underlying code base and these band aid fixes lead to more vulnerabilities. #Ethereum just soft forked again yesterday in the next attempt in the vicous circle and allready they are finding more vulnerabilities. Without getting too technical, the undelying platform and code even with yesterdays soft fork into Byzantium will always have issues with security, scaleability, and performance. The recent soft fork is another example of how #ETH promises the moon, but when it comes time to deliver it fails. Parallelizing code is complicated, and as they continue to try to fix with forks the solutions seem to create more vulnerabilities and problems. Then you have the other issue of how #ETH uses GAS, and we saw how this helped crash #ETH during its hyped period of ICOS. Promising the moon, but at end of day if your Proof of Stake is inherently flawed and can never work on a large scale, its inferior to #LTC #BTC which with #LN offers far more scaleability, security, and performance. They took the time to develop #BTC #LTC right and now currently months of testing before the Lightning Network is released and implemented. People believing the hype with #ETH and I won't even go into the other reasons non technical, why i think its doomed to fail long run, but the #ICO craze might of lead to its price being hyped but it wall also contribute to its decline along with the increasing dilution.

And example of continous vulnerabilities each time they try to fix one thing another appears
The discovery of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack vulnerability led the developers of ethereum's Geth software to release a new version just days before the Byzantium hard fork.

There are no other coins with the development and community support as #BTC and #LTC, as mentioned because of compatiability some of the development has been shared so it can work on either ecosystem with minor tweaking. In fact, many of the brightest developers have moved over to to LTC in the last 6 months, Im running out of characters but sign this petition, to get Amazon to Accept >
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@alexb123, I guess to keep it simple and in laymans terms. I could of just said #Ethereum is inferior to #LTC because GAS feature, the language used to express smart contracts is flawed by design, and all of the built in vunerabilites right down to the whole code base.
Phản hồi
That was very interesting.
Phản hồi
+1 Phản hồi
I Wanna ask you 7 years ago did you buy 500 btc :)
+4 Phản hồi
@oymer007, Who you with the IRS? I plan on taking them with me to the other side. Don't worry if I sell before I die Ill pay my taxes. Dont want to end up like Willie Nelson LOLZ...
+1 Phản hồi
I agree, LTC is still ridiculously cheap. Early days my friends!
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