I bought Litecoin again. Here's what I see.

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
After an absolutely explosive and insane move from $50 to nearly $100 in only (6) six days, Litecoin put in another (5) five days of consolidation. Initially, I had hoped it would drop to $57.75 or even our $50 support. But now I am not sure this will be the case. Litecoin continues to look bullish . And just like my Bitcoin             chart, it appears that Litecoin has broken out and above the long trending bull channel and will look to form a new, steeper ascending channel .

Here's what I currently see on my Litecoin chart:

- We've broken out of and opened above our (5) five day downward ascending trend
- RSI showing hidden bullish divergence again
- China news has been fully digested
- Good supports of $73.33 and $74.80 will be hard to break below.

My forcast:

I see us bouncing around between the top of my bull channel (GREEN TL) and the steeper ascending PINK TL before reaching my new target of $98.28 for more consolidation. Should we reach the PINK TL before $98.28 I will sell.

My stop outs remain any daily close below the top GREEN TL. I will follow this closely and adjust accordingly.

Happy trading!
Bình luận: Inverse H&S spotted on the 4h!

Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: I bought this trade at just over $74. Set my stops at just below the TOP GREEN ascending line of my bull channel. And I was stopped out at around $71.

New chart to come. Currently looking for a good re-entry price. Hoping for $57.75 though I don't know that we'll get that low.
Good trading, :) I have no clue after this run up. Hoping for a fast break up to $100 plus. Just have to keep an eye on the market cap of all crypto. If running 158 Billion to 165 Billion good chance we can get there. Breaks under 155 Billion chances fade. Hi tech analysis , lol.
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@cgavel, Doesn't matter if it's high tech or not, although I caught your sarcasm there :-). All that matters is that you're right. Also, I agree with your high tech analysis.
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guppy_ cgavel
@cgavel, LTC is going to have a bigger slice of the pie, so even if we slip a bit in total market cap, I think LTC will rise. I think we'll see it double its market share by the end of next year.
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cgavel guppy_
@guppy_, f:) yup Gup!
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