Litecoin short term TA Day 4

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Litecoin bounced off the resistance a few times before completely blowing through our long term support (yellow line). Please check out my day 3 and 2 TA in the related ideas section to get more reference.

With that support broken, we are approaching another key support of about 140. I have another buy zone (B) at about 140-143. We already reached 144 a little bit ago, but currently this downtrend does not look its stopping any time soon.

If we do break 140, then the next support is in the 136-138 range, from when that was touched a few weeks in mid-January. If that is broken....

I still have current resistance at 175-180, though we need this train to turn around before we can even think about seeing those numbers.

I will update this if our support is broken, or if the train decides to turn around.
Bình luận: So we did break one of our supports, so all we have left is testing our previous low of 138 (green dash line). I'm hoping LTC will go sideways for a little so it can consolidate at this level. We do not want it going any lower than it already is.
Bình luận: So Bitifinex (The exchange this chart is based off of) has been relatively higher than GDAX. I only use GDAX so my next charts will be based off GDAX.

GDAX has seen LTC into the mid 120's. This huge sudden dip I believe is from fear of many. A lot of people are selling looking into buying in cheaper.

We currently don't have any main support from a TA wise, but I will be keeping a sharp look on the movement of LTC as the next few hours go by and will keep this idea updated.
Is Litecoin still lightning?
Phản hồi
We go lower....
Phản hồi
whatsinthecupsir apribytkovsky
@apribytkovsky, yeah... don’t have any support anymore TA wise, but psychological wise $100 is but knowing crypto that could be broken in seconds.. let’s see how low we go
Phản hồi
Do you think we will go back to $175-180 and then back down?
+2 Phản hồi
whatsinthecupsir apribytkovsky
@apribytkovsky, yeah, I believe that is what will happen since I still believe resistance is in that range. If we have the volume to break it then 195-200 will be our next target.
Phản hồi
apribytkovsky whatsinthecupsir
@whatsinthecupsir, Thank you.
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