OmG is on it's way.. To Heaven ?

I expect formation of a HANDLE and consequent impulse towards the Pressure Line as a continuation of a larger triangle trend.

The Long trend is beautifully embedded within a Sine Wave womb and about to hatch on the first weekend of 2018.

My plan is to benefit from short position on impulse towards pressure line and eventually on long position after price breaks out around the Conclusion Point.

I see beauty in composition of this chart, in particular the coincidence of sine-wave intersection with the tip of the pennant in what i call Conclusion Point.
This captures my attention and compells me to invest. Am I silly ?

This is my first ever published idea, and I'm very new to trading and TA ( it's vocabulary also) in general, so please excuse my potential inaccuracies.
I will appreciate any feedback.
Thank you
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