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Sia Coin (SC) + 640% target $0.155 after long term C&H

BITTREX:SCUSD   Siacoin / US Dollar
Bitcoin did this for me when I predicted a Cup and Handle formation over the 4 year period from the ATH of $1100. Once we reached it, we went the full depth upward ($1000) and we have not slowed down in the past year.

I'll say this is a large C&H forming for Sia Coin ( SC ) and my target is 640% for completion at $0.155.
Bình luận: Looks like the handle is forming. I'm not sure how long it will have to form with the current rallies coming up and SC's consistent growth rate. Don't miss this train.

Intermediate targets:

You can see my position here, I bought in at $0.019.

I've been holding SC and XRP through the storm of the last week or so and they have helped me maintain my balance even while most alts have been down a little bit. After last night I'm finally moving upward again. Hoping to see 10-20% overall in the portfolio tonight and into tomorrow morning.

BTC pump is likely to start around 14:00 GMT New Years Eve, so keep an eye on that. They could adjust the pump start time by an hour or two later. So 14:00-16:00 GMT will be the likely beginning.

The BTC pump will drive SC and XRP up to higher USD values. Be ready to close at the top and realize your gains, then buy back in after any mild retracement or HODL through the storm until the next continuation.

Looking for news from Coinbase about Ripple. That may blow the top off XRP.

Bình luận: Handle should be pretty well complete at this time. Expect this to trigger any moment for +640% gains.

Bình luận: SCUSD Sia Coin handle completed and we've broken above. Target now +640% to $0.24 USD

I think I'll close my other targets and ride this all the way up.

Bình luận: I updated this 23 hours ago. Now look what happened!
Looking good mate. What short term target do you see it hitting before any major correction? I think alanmasters said he'd pull some profit at 470 sat.
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Tin.Foil Kotzaaa
@Kotzaaa, my earlier targets were the dashed lines in the second image. I was going to sell portions of SC then. I decided to cancel those sell orders, I put more funds in and I'm HODL'ing. The reason for the HODL is because I've had SC for a couple months or so and it's consistently growing at 50% per month. I may try to sell at the top around $0.12 or $0.15 and wait for the 61% retrace shortly after that, before buying in again. I think this rally could be followed by an equally large 640% rally within a week after this completion, so grab another position after the retrace..
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What fundamentals U see for that growth?
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I see a trap ! Buy limit at 0.00595706
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$1 SCUSD by the end of 2018.
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Cash-burn Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, you mad bro :D
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@Cash-burn, Wait till the cryptomarket cap hits $2 T USD.

$100,000 USDBTC by the end of 2018.

Enjoy the ride! ;-)
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johangro Cash-burn
@Cash-burn, not really mad at all. 30% the growth Sia had in 2017 takes it to $1
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Cash-burn johangro
@johangro, SC price right now is $0.03. So $0.03 x 30% = $0.039
Also don't forget that SC market cap should be reach ~ $30,000,000,000 to cost $1
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johangro Cash-burn
@Cash-burn, you misunderstood. 30% of last years growth. Started at $0.0002 and now $0.03. Thats over 10000% a third of that, 3300% will take us to $1.
Im aware of the marketcap, but $1 still possible with current figures. More money in crypto will just increase that possibility
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