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Monero (XMR) +510% target $2100 - Feb-15-2018

BITTREX:XMRUSD   Monero / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
My first quick glance at Monero (XMR), shows a 510% increase after the bullish pennant comes to completion and the new rally begins.

Long term (60 day) target is $2100, or just over 500% from today's value.
Bình luận: This may be more accurate for Monero.. 2 month flag before rally.

Bình luận: Will it break this pennant or continue to flag for a few more days? Not sure but watching it somewhat.

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see my idea about monero
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any update?
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AnacotAcciaio crypto-nite
@crypto-nite, see my idea about monero
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Any updates here sir!
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How do you think a deep btc correction play with this? We saw a wick all the way down to 233 the other day off the BTC correction panic...My main concern is what the panic selling can do to the USD chart when combined with the USD value getting sucked out by the price of btc dropping.
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How is the chart looking now? A buy and Hold?
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Your predictions depends only on technical analysis or you take into account some fundamental factors or news?
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Tin.Foil PRO AndreyBrus
@AndreyBrus, I only look at technical analysis usually. But I do account for news from time to time and will comment on the news that may be related.

For example, a BTC pump is planned to start by a whale group who is gaining a lot of followers. It is planned to start between 14:00-16:00 GMT on New Years Eve. This will likely drive SC and XRP up to meet my targets. But even without the outside pump, I believe in the trends and think that things will follow along and meet my targets anyway, maybe just slightly accelerated by the whale pump group.
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