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TRX correction complete +320% target 0.0000374 BTC

TRX looks good again. Broken above the previous target buy zone before the correction and the over hyped announcement from last week.

Measuring the previous large rally, we should see another +320% from the bottom of this starting point.
Jan 12
Bình luận: TRX breakout in the next few days. Looks WAY too flat.. it's going to pop one way or another.

Bình luận

Terrible advice on this trade!!! Traders beware!!! Not the first time I followed Mr. Tin Foil and got screwed but this is the last for sure !!!
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Tin.Foil AlexanderGolubev
@AlexanderGolubev, your welcome. BTW, you make your own decisions on the trades you place and close. I only share what I see in the charts and I only speculate when I hear about news. It's important that you do your own due diligence and do your own research. I'm not getting paid to make your calls, nor do I suggest investing your life savings on my calls.
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poshmoney Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, thanks!
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coinophobia AlexanderGolubev
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This is a great project and team. Don't let whales and mini wanna be whales dumping and going to go chase another run-up take away from this project. When it's 7$ in August you'll be doing another "why didn't I keep IOTA" or "I sold NEO at 2.50$" sob story. And to the dude knocking the original poster of this idea, talk about tone deaf and a loser attitude. Take responsibility for your OWN trades. Man the entitlement is at an all time high in this space... Trades used to take MONTHS and YEARS to develop good profits. Now people think you can just print free money if you get crypto. IF thats what you want, buy 6 good projects and HODL. You only THINK you are a good day trader....
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Ralph_Barhoum pwprice80
@pwprice80, I need your help man, do you know where can I buy positions for TRX?
Phản hồi
pwprice80 Ralph_Barhoum
@Ralph_Barhoum, Binance?
Phản hồi
Ralph_Barhoum pwprice80
@pwprice80, I need something like IqOption, buy a position and not a physical coin, since I don't hold any crypto coins so far, only positions in the market, and I need to hold some positions for TRX.

Will be very thankful for your help man.
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