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TRX correction complete +320% target 0.0000374 BTC

TRX looks good again. Broken above the previous target buy zone before the correction and the over hyped announcement from last week.

Measuring the previous large rally, we should see another +320% from the bottom of this starting point.
Bình luận: TRX breakout in the next few days. Looks WAY too flat.. it's going to pop one way or another.
Tinfoil said: "Comment: TRX breakout in the next few days. Looks WAY too flat.. it's going to pop one way or another. "

I'm new... but does 'pop' mean go up... or he's saying "one way or another" meaning it could go up or down? Seems like a weird thing to say (if he meant either up or down) since... well... how is that really much of a forecast?

Apologies in advance for my ignorance, I am learning and not intending to sound brazen. More looking for clarification and understanding. Thank you Tinfoil for all that you do
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nphuongsun93 SatoshiKnows11
Phản hồi
Yes 50/50
up or down
I'm all in :-)
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Gonna need this to be true, I got in at 1600 SAT and didn't set my stop loss, and I cringe every time I look at it's value for the past few days
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NOMITRADER joemaio87
@joemaio87, have patience and it will go up
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Great !!!
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Do not draw a chart for TRX. It will make that peaks but need more time.
Whales hold it for buy cheaper.
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SEX ! great I got your attention, do you guys know where can I buy positions for TRX?
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chowells776 Ralph_Barhoum
@Ralph_Barhoum, binance is where I buy and trade mine
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