Seriously? What the hell is this doing up here?

132 5 5
- Not much change, Heikin-Ashi is firm counter bearish

- Ichimoku has bearish bias. Retest to Tenkan and Kumo seems to be done.
- I don't know how many of you were awake this morning before European session open, but around 8.00 AM (CET) the price was as low as 6520!!! Market got lifted up from there. This should make the real candle wick even longer!
This candle is NOT bullish . I think this level is quite a good risk/reward to enter short.
- EWO             is bearish too.

Now tel me what the hell UK can expect after Brexit and after a Trump victory? I think the USD will be hit next year due to Trump fiscal policy. That means naturally a higher GBPUSD             too. Can UK equities be fundamentally a buy?

p.s.: I clearly have the feeling we are experiencing a giant global joint intervention from Central Banks today. SNB politely "did not comment" on it.

Be careful, volatility will get to extreme!
Trump said he will make a trade deal easy for UK whereas Obama stated UK will be back of the queue after Brexit!
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Kumowizard PRO FtseSignals
ahaaaa. I see why it is outperforming so much today. So until now a weak GBP was super good for FTSE stocks. Now GBPUSD will likely go up, but who cares, Trump's promise is super good
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FtseSignals Kumowizard
@Kumowizard, Trump can help GBPUSd 1.50-1.70 by XMAs.... :)
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Kumowizard PRO FtseSignals
@FtseSignals, I tend to agree.... I opened some USD shorts today... well have to admit, mkt caught me, those shorts not looking very good now. :-P
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FtseSignals Kumowizard
@Kumowizard, I will be careful, EURUSD has just lost ground on my Month Chart
Please see there http://lolfx.co.uk/
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