USDCHF - Day trade with Kelter Channel 18-8-2020

Giá xuống
FX:USDCHF   Đô la Mỹ / Franc Thụy Sỹ
* The signal are tested in 3,5 years. Winrate stability over 52% every year.
Risk: 1%.
* Tradingview's backtest time ~ 3.5 years/Premium account, differs between currency pairs (Cryto is the default backtest time is shorter because the market is open both Saturday and Sunday: about 2 years)
- Base on order: 2 ways to enter or combine both.
Method 1
+ Keltner channel: the price closed above or below Upper / Lower Keltner for signal 1. Wait for the price to adjust to the Basis line, then enter the order.
Method 2
+ Keltner channel: price closes above or below Upper 2 / Lower 2 Keltner gives signal 1. Wait for the price to adjust to Upper / Lower line, then enter the order.
Method 3: combine both, priority 1 if satisfied conditions

+ Pivot option: appear rising signal: Higher High / Higher Low. Decline signal: Lower Low / Lower High for signal 2.
- When the above conditions are met, the Indicator shows a Buy / Sell signal according to the trend.
- Stoploss: Calculated from the entry point + - actual fluctuation by the formula ATR (20) * risk ratio (risk).
- Profit: Calculated from the entry point of the command + - actual oscillation using ATR formula (20) * reward ratio (reward).

- Profit: Look the Summary below.
- Should be backtest 3 Years (long term), each Year (medium term) and Quarter or 6 months (short term). If each year the success rate is always more than 50%, can be used for actual trading

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