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Durbtrade Stoch RSI -

1) Stoch RSI
A) The K line can be customized to change color based on vertical direction.
B) The space between K line and D line can be filled with a color depending on whether K line is above or below the D line.
C) There are color-coded, cross-over and cross-under background fills, to signal when the K line crosses the D line.
D) K line is drawn in front of D line (D line is drawn behind K line).
E) Default values : K = 3, D = 4, RSI Length = 14, Stoch Length = 14

2) Horizontal Lines
A) Horizontal lines can be drawn automatically, so you don't have to draw them, and they don't extend past the current bar.
B) There are 11 customizable horizontal lines,
and each line is set to non-customizable increments (zero, 10, 20, 30, 40 , fifty, 60, 70, 80, 90, hundred).
C) The 11 lines are divided into 2 groups:
a) 4 PAIRS of lines WITH fill options (10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40 /60... 8 lines total), and
b) 3 INDIVIDUAL lines WITHOUT fill options (zero, fifty, hundred).
D) The 4 fills give you the option to fill the space between each pair with a customizable color and opacity,
regardless of whether the lines themselves are drawn or not.

(all default values are what I feel work best for this indicator...
and initially, only the zero, fifty, and hundred lines are drawn automatically.
You may add the other lines if you choose to, by adjusting the opacity to your liking).

3) Conclusion
A) As with my previous indicators, this one maximizes information, color, discernment, clarity, and customization.
B) It is optimized for your ability to be able to easily customize the indicator according to your preferences...
for use on your own personal television, laptop, or cellular phone screen setup... and on all chart zoom levels and layouts.
C) Please feel free to comment your thoughts, critiques, or suggestions. They are all helpful!
D) Check out my previous pine script indicators if you like this one. They work really well together.
E) I hope that you find this script useful.
F) Enjoy!

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